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  1. here are my comparisons between RDR2 and the real life Oak Alley Plantation (la vacherie, LA) The House: The Alley (1): The Alley (2): Oak Alley Plantation in fire in "interview with a Vampire" : (movie reference?) Pitot House (new Orleans bayou) Shirley Plantation (Virginia) the house: the plantation in game : the plantation IRL: St Denis Canal Street: Crescent Billiard https://i.imgur.com/IrjwT3R.jpg (already posted here) Vintage buildings 1: https://i.imgur.com/7gN7vZD.jpg (already posted by Dupzor, Thanks!?) Vintage buildings 2 : https://i.imgur.com/IWM1WMd.jpg Giani building https://i.imgur.com/Q6xordT.jpg French Carré Pontaba Buildings (Jackson Square) William Henry Jackson's works https://i.imgur.com/THnpG41.jpg A hypothesis: i guess the "Bastille Saloon" is based on "R'evolution restaurant" the house i haven't found in real life. Do you have an idea? PS: It's a shame, I don't understand how to display images on igta5 forum. Not for all the links of this post, but just one, sometimes.
  2. In New Orleans, there are not many buildings that have 3 floors of round top french doors. So I think that the books stationery is based on 837 Royal https://goo.gl/maps/rG2TrNqa86Q2 Vintage image from jamesmshaw.blogspot.com : http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-AxaDF1SFMDA/UbntJbOUn_I/AAAAAAAAM0E/mjoeich0jCs/s1600/842+Royal+Street,+Sign+1937.jpg
  3. You're right, Treefitty, GG! Vintage image of this corner https://i83.servimg.com/u/f83/09/02/44/99/i_2_0810.jpg
  4. Courtenay street is a reference of Bourbon street. Courtenay and Bourbon were two branches of the Capetian Dynasty (French Royal House) i think the pharmacy building in the game is the bourbon pub at Bourbon and St. Ann Crossroad
  5. Hi Treefitty Just a nuance: I don't think the building in the background of this robbery shot is H. B. Stevens & Co building with a bit of the Crescent Billiard Hall, I think it's the Crescent Billiard Hall: it seems to have a pediment, so it's maybe a two-story building same embellishment of the second floor Columns of glass per window from left to right: (2) 2 2 1 2 1 2 2 (2) in 1900, the second floor had a balcony in the front. https://i.imgur.com/IrjwT3R.jpg
  6. About this building in GTAV: Westwood : Wilshire house Google maps: http://goo.gl/maps/CMrvi
  7. The map is beautiful and useful for the countryside but i have unwillingness : Making a map is not easy. A part of imagination is allowed for the countryside in the present state of our knowledge, but not for the city Los Santos. The buildings layout is very approximate (pier at Vespucci beach, Beverly Center between Vinewood and Downtown, Sunset Strip to the west from the golf course etc. So many mistakes. And I don't write about los Santos Streets... I also regret that he draws items he didn't see (e.g. west coast roads).
  8. the chinese theatre on the first trailer screenshot was lxr's assumption (member of gtaforums.com) few month ago, the box art is just a confirmation
  9. GTAV Box art - Police chase Hollywood Boulevard , Between Roosevelt Hotel and First national Bank, we can see "Grauman's Chinese theatre" and "Hollywood Pacific theatre". ....................................................... click to enlarge
  10. Yes, it's a fake. in the mural, Chop has a dog tag on its collar :
  11. So the Hollywood bowl is between Vinewood Sign and Downtown , not between Hollywood Sign and the observatory...
  12. The building behind Michael's mansion is based on Luckman Plaza (also known as 9200 Sunset), not on the Sunset Medical center Before 2006, these two buildings had nearly the same skin and colors reflexions (blue and brown). RockstarGames shows it at one step of its renovation (~ 2006-2009) : it is why this building has its old skin and we can see a crane near
  13. GTA5 coliseum is very round and may be a mix of L.A. Memorial Coliseum and Inglewood Forumand the forum is not so far from Los Angeles Airport Hilton Hotel, Sheraton Hotel and Slauson Super Mail, IRL and in GTAV. Inglewood seems to be the part of Los Santos between downtown and the port.
  14. I don't know if you are right but I like this theory. same kind of buildings same kind of wide street with same grass strips in the middle This is not the first time I read something about the similarities of these buildings in both trailers. In addition, after the first trailer, a member of GTAforums noted similar roofs in the "balcony scene" in the south of LS (to the right from Michael) so it was a possible location of chase scene. I don't agree with the road 2 in the first trailer but it doesn't matter, it's minor. I made a "synthesis" of your theory on the image below not to force people to watch the original screenshots to understand.
  15. A video about Salton Sea 2'35" : Gas station (Trevor and Bodies scene - 2nd trailer & prostitutes scene- 1st trailer) and Liquor store/grocery (prostitutes scene- trailer 1) they are a mirror of GTAV stores. 3'33" : the bar where Trevor hit a man in the 2nd trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMaLSYYyrc8
  16. My english is rough, I would like to have the words to thank TreeFitty as he deserves. All his work has helped me tremendously. The water tank in the desert (pre-order cover): (hypothesis)Google map (but I don't think that San Diego and the mexican frontier will be in GTAV)
  17. Seeing both Ocean towers in this screenshot was a big surprise for me in july because I think they're also the inspiration of the small buildings to the left from the balcony guy (somewhere near Marina Del Rey). About this screenshot too, I can't imagine Rodeo Drive without Wilshire Beverly Hotel : Wilshire Beverly Hotel (WBH) - WBH & Rodeo Drive - Rodeo Drive layout
  18. the helicopter screenshot covers : NW: north of Santa Monica (Ocean Towers) NE: Beverly Center and north-west of Downtown SE : Port of Long Beach (and maybe more to east)
  19. The building on the right. Let me see: a wall made of small squares of different colors... small columns of windows of the same color... close to the highway... a bevelled corner or a round corner on the left... Well... I have a trouble :
  20. Thanks treefitty I've seen that you've updated the page about "GTA 5 Landmarks and Other Buildings" I've noticed 515 S Figueroa St, It isn't easy to see and you may be right but I think it's rather the 600 Wilshire (just a guess) : So we can have in the same street of L.S. Downtown four buildings of Wilshire Blvd : 600, 811, Grand Hotel and 800.
  21. Do you think it's stupid to assume this building could be the Roosevelt Hotel on the two last images below?
  22. I agree. Edit : but which building of Century City do we see from the Golf course ? the century or The MGM? In the golf image, I see a left rounded corner and a right straight corner as the MGM building.
  23. They have the same Height. They look so far away from downtown on this image and curiously so close to downtown when we see them from Venice
  24. On the golf image, we can see that the golf course, the city Group center, and the Us Bank are ligned. The Century is close to this line. On the pumpjack image the US Bank hides the city group : the course is behind the US Tower, this second building you notice is probably/surely the century : it has the shape and the expected location. golf course, the city Group center, and the Us Bank are aligned with the pumpjack (Signal Hill?) Nice found! I noticed this magnificent Building of Santa Monica Boulevard with Google map and I couldn't believe Rockstar discards it. I hope you're right. R* seems change its location (a little...). Have you identified The buildings of Marina Del Rey on this image too? I can't.