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  1. Hello and welcome to LSRPD a Roleplaying GTA V clan. We are a new clan with already a lot of members. We're patrolling on a custom TDM and it's good to do. How we work, We're making a private GTA ONLINE session and then we will wait till everybody is there (at least 6 people) After that we will start the patrol and we will meet at Central PD (Our Police Dept.) What you can do in our clan: -You must have a job as civilian. -You can buy your own vehicles. -You can rob the bank (Max +$100.000) -You can get citations. -We work with virtual money that you can earn on our website. Our divisions are: -Officer -FIB -Aviation -SWAT (Coming soon..) Jobs - Pilot - Cab driver / Bus Driver - Body Guard - Helitour pilot - Boat captain - Fire Dept. / Paramedic (Coming soon..) SIGN UP AT www . lsrpd.webs . com TO JOIN LSRPD!! - SGT. Bombahkidd (For any questions add: DJMAGWEDE on PS3)