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  1. Yeah I'll be up for anything DuP if you want any film ideas guys let me know I can have a look in my massive bluray cabinet
  2. I'll be up for something like that DuP. Why not godfather or something like that? Which would be good aswell.
  3. Your right DuP, no point getting worked up over something stupid.
  4. Horse shit. I never fucking touched you. I was barely in that lobby for 10 minutes when you did that. Because it was a GTA race. Killing other ppl to get first is kind of the idea. What ^she said. Horse shit? Okay so start of the night we was in the red truck I think Trevor's was it? I blew you all up which was by mistake which I even said because I tried getting the police. Then you killed me twice maybe three times straight after so I killed you once or twice again and that was it. End of that. And the gta race yeah it's nice how you tell everyone not to use sticky bombs but then you use two on me in the race. Contradicted yourself much?
  5. Thank you gtagrl, yeah I got that loud and clear. I will not kill someone ever unless they kill me deliberately. If it's a mistake then yeah fair enough. thanks again.
  6. yer ass got rpg'd cause not 1 min earlier i said fuck off i'm smokin a joint and leave me alone. shouldn't have aimed yer gernade launcher at me. ya got what ya deserved. wanted to be an ass, deal with it. this isn't the first time yer childish shit has gone on diablo. So me aiming a weapon at you with no intent of killing you gives you the right to kill me? I was only shining a fucking light on you and next thing I knew me you and grl was dead in a huge explosion. I heard you say you was smoking a joint but never heard you say go away or fuck off Otiz. And kuz I knew someone blew me up twice in your race around sandy shores. Didn't say it was you for defo and well I didn't hear you say leave me alone did I? I know I blew you all up which I didn't even intend of actually getting all you but you killed me 2-3 times in a row before I got you back. And that was at the start of the night so why blow me up twice in the race which was like 3 quarters of the way through the night. At the end of the day it's a fucking game and your going mad at a few kills yeah I might have killed most of you because you killed me too. And that's the end of it sounds all abit childish to me your going mad about killing on a killing game yeah I understand you hosted a server and took pics but doesn't give you the right to gang up on me because your all pals and I'm new to igta and alright to kill me but not alright to have it done back to you.
  7. Yeah which is fair enough but like Otiz he started by RPGing me and you can't say he didn't because gtagrl was there and she got killed by him to that's where me and Otiz started and yeah I came up to you not for a kill to see if you was still playing the game and then I noticed you would pull a weapon out on me, hence why I thought you would be another one to kill me too that's why I ran off. Then another two people started killing me which I can't remember who there names was now (one was kuz I think I maybe wrong) who was running me over and snipin me for no apparent reason who just randomly got into the killing of me and Otiz and then one of the two kept killing me in the race then I noticed after the sniping match people would just randomly pick me off so id do it to them I did have some accidental kills with grenades etc which I did explain and said sorry because it was a mistake. But people just say oh put ya gun down so I would then I would get killed? Which I totally don't get. Plus if you heard me on mic last night to many people "what is your problem man?!" Hence to people randomly killing me when I didn't kill them
  8. I am sorry just why would I just randomly just get killed for just running or getting sniped for no reason know what I mean? Maybe I did go OTT with the killing but I didn't know anyone was going to be pissed off about it when it just wasn't me know what I mean? I have no problems with anyone or beef with anyone but atleast don't just say it was me. That's all.
  9. My killings during photos? I was getting killed during photos and i didn't have any problem with people doing that. You killed me atleast twice during photos too plus if I did kill anyone photos it was accidental and I said sorry and explained what happened. I don't know why you are having ago at me for it when some other people was doing it too? Plus I left after the underwater with cop cars at the mountains because it was too late here in the UK
  10. Amazing pics here everyone! Was so funny last night. Really enjoyed it I'll see if I took any pics and upload the pics later. Btw Otiz, you picture saying hardsause showing off his gun. It was me lmao! Was trying to sniper wigger because he kept shooting me lol
  11. I'm in!! I can't wait last time was really funny, had a great time thanks for inviting me and welcoming me Into the igta family
  12. Thanks man! Like half the team are cops and the other half are escape convict's plus maybe a mission in the prison etc?
  13. Why don't we do a prison break kind of event? Plus st. Paddies day sounds great to me plus I'm half irish so a big yes from me.
  14. Oh i take it he has dry humor then. I was wondering why he was blaming me for some reason?
  15. Excuse me? i played by the rules i never punched anyone outside the ring! If i was fighting outside the ring then why would i come 2nd in the fighting circle? You sound like a idiot to me.
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