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  1. The books have been opened to make a selected few into our family. The room is dimly lit and smoke fills the air. You are dressed in your finest suit. Your soon to be brothers are gathered around a table as you patiently await to be addressed. "Do you know why you are here today?" Your response should be no. "Look around, do you know these men?" "Yes, I do." you say. "You have been called on today, to join us. To become one of us. To be a member of this thing of ours, this cosa nostra. Would you kill for this family?" you are asked. "Yes." "What finger would you use to pull the trigger?" you are then asked. You point to your index finger. At this point it is pricked allowing blood to be dripped on a picture of a saint. "now cup this saint in your hands." The saint is then lit on fire. "Now move this saint from one hand to the other until it burns out. If you should ever betray this family or any of your brothers, your soul shall burn like this saint burning in your hands." Your brothers now stand. "Welcome to the family. Familia Omerta! We are many but we are one and today we are one more. Salud!." And the ceremony has been completed. You have become a made member of the family. Honor, respect and loyalty. Omerta Mafia Family. Message Benedetto75 on psn for details on joining us.