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  1. I would like to see some farming areas, we saw the crop duster going over the workers while they picked grapes... What about a pot farm somewhere out tere, and not just 1 but a couple, and there can be police vilgant jobs where you go take the farm down... It would also be pretty cool if there was a dariy farm with a bunch of cows, you could open the gates pop off a few rounds and watch the stampede of dariy cows!!!
  2. I would like to see a marijuana farm in GTA V Remeber the Plane Sarying the mexicans while they were picking the trees?? You could even be a cop taking the farm down from the side missions at the cop car compter Or you might even be playing as the cop in the main story line taking it down...
  3. If there is gonn be a DLC in GTA 5, it has to be a zombie expanision pack. Just look how great Red Dead Redemtion Undead Nightmares did. Think about driving through San Andreas or los Venturas or where ever Rockstar chooses killikng zombies, running pver zomnies, blowing up zombies you name it!