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  1. if possible create GTA V Screenshots Official topic on this forum thanks i not see topic correct.
  2. 13 Sharks! here map where i have found!
  3. my screens Dear GROOVESTREET Groovestreet Home
  4. in my screen you can see lifeguard with binocular on beach and him see shark! , him take down the binocular with hands and see me crazy XD
  5. Trevor is good hunter sharks XD LOL , i have today caught shark with time very good.
  6. I used the submarine and went against the shark and brought it with me to the beach XD easiest way, then I changed the character micheal and tried the bulldozer at the airport in los santos. you think it took so much just to get to vespucci beach with bulldozers to the point of interest that I put on the map and where there was a shark on the beach. Ah of course, I used the trick explosive punches and bang bang to pull the shark out of the water. ps: wishing I could use the bulldozer cargobob but I would explode if I used it Posted Image I did before with the same cargobob bringing with me the bulldozer.
  7. this is my screens XD very funny i have caught shark!