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  1. i never said u did not know who he was, i was merely stating that he was dead so unless rockstar managed to get him to do all his lines etc nearly 8 years ago before gta iv or they have developed a way to bring people back to life then i seriously doubt richard pryor will appear in gta v or any future releases.
  2. that would be good if richard pryor wasn't dead. he passed away in 2005. i would like the comedy club(s) to return again but different comedians this time like, jeff dunham, lee evans, rhod gilbert etc that would be good but if not then i aint fussed as they were not an integral part of the game, useful for having a bong and way better than the pause screen imo
  3. soz forgot to add that, yeah good actors do help give the game a better feel, but they definitely do not have to be high profile. as long as the end result is a great game with an interesting plot/story line and not let down by voice actors etc i don't mind.
  4. personally i would rather they used minor or unknown celebrities, that would free up more cash for storyline and added extras like dlc. Sure we would all like to recognise celebrities we know in the greatest gaming franchise we all know, but is it really that important, i think not!