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  1. ^^Opened up a ton of spots in the crew. Should have no problem joining now.
  2. Purple Drag Type: Land Race Link: http://rsg.ms/1bVf5uR , or just click on the title "Purple Drag" *Check out this link if you are skecthed out about the shortened one above. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/OZ2zP86hYkS-SAh8aZ70AQ?platformId=2 Description: Basically what the title says. The original rockstar races severely lacked a straightaway drag style race. I took the the drag concept, and extended the distance to make it fit better into a GTA video game. Its a race down the Pacific Coast, from the isolated diner to the Santa Monica Pier (a little less than 4 miles). The fastest time I've recorded is 1:56, with an average of around 2:15. Keep an eye out at the end there's a jump that can be hit to boost you to the finish line first. Play tested numerous times already with many people but message me if you for some reason run across a weird glitch or error. Recommended traffic off if more than 6 people, only because the lag makes it to random and unpredictable. Despite the straight away style, I find the best racer still almost always wins, as the course is more difficult than it initially appears. Let me know what y'all think! Remember to like the map if you enjoyed it so others can see it too! I also get 1 RP per like haha, that's REALLY gonna help my level 192 character.
  3. Purple Nugz (PURP) - PS3 The Purple Nugz are a very active crew (264 members as of 12/10) that generally enjoys racing, mayhem, helping lower ranked players, and collecting rare and unusual cars. However, all events are regularly participated in so its hard to nail down specifically what our crew does. However, when **** hits the fan, you know you have Nug brothers to stand by your side. We not only participate in, but enjoy and dominate free roam deathmatches. We are primarily located on the West Coast, but have members all over the Country and even some outside of the Country. Besides which me and a few other members are generally on for a ridiculous number of hours a day, so your bound to catch us. If your considering and are not sure, feel free to add me on PSN (MoldyDragon) and check out what were all about. I don't wanna just talk about it, it's easier to show you. Be apart of something real. As for my benefit? I'm on most of the day and enjoy having active players to play and chat with, as do the other members in my crew. Anyways I'm out, even if you're already set in a crew add me on PSN so we can play some GTA together! And I think it goes without saying that a lot of our members enjoy the herb, I'm more of a dabbing man myself. This is of course NOT a requirement to join tho JOIN HERE (Click Text) This is our emblem (it looks sexy as hell on shirts and cars) And here's your leader, me, MoldyDragon Other leaders of note: Lobendonne, ClawingBear
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