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  1. Boss Girls Recruitment! (GIRLS ONLY) We are an all girl GTA5 crew & we're looking for more girls to join! I will say we are very strict about not having boys in our crew so ladies.. we do have you verify you're a girl! we have a couple different ways to verify and the best way is to VOICE verify through whatever game console you play on! I will link down below how to go about that! Up above is our crew emblem! Join Boss Girls; http://socialclub.ro...crew/boss_girls Official Site; http://bossgirlscrew.tumblr.com/ Questions? Ask Us Here; http://bossgirlscrew.tumblr.com/ask Ranking up/Verification; http://bossgirlscrew.tumblr.com/post/668...rification Twitter; https://twitter.com/BossGirlsCrew Instagram; http://instagram.com/bossgirlscrew
  2. i had to start a new girl crew called "Boss Girls" and we're looking for girls on xbox only to join it!! add me on socialclub to join it; http://socialclub.ro...ember/nikkinade Join Boss Girls; http://socialclub.ro...crew/boss_girls
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