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  1. Ob: copy and paste brutha. Thats all it is. No attempt to be obnoxious lol Gunsmith: it'd be appreciated man
  2. Special Edition pre-ordered. Been waiting too long to get the standard game.
  3. I think it all needs to be in relation. More realistic definitely, But more force has to be used in the correct way. It needs to be a matter of not making it impossible.
  4. Hi, We are a UK based crew called Badboyz 4 Life Inc. We are looking for members who are 18 years old plus. They need to be teamwork based as we are looking at progressing quickly throughout the vast missions and heists involved. We look after our own and will have each others back. We will be close knit and make sure we have fun. Please message me any of the ways found in my signature to to join or if you have any questions.