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  1. I think the driving will be fine and now that i've seen the map.. Im 100000% ready and excited for this game. I have never been this excited for a game before!
  2. Lol.. what's that supposed to mean..? Well whatever it is I sure will do just that!
  3. Dupz... this is why I posted this link.. to compare the three maps haha Here it is if you missed it. But I didn't add Vice City. And yes, the comparison in this picture is very accurate.
  4. Yes. It does matter. OUR LIVES ARE AT STAKE! Lol I mean its just a fun competition to see who would win and by seeing which franchise has the greatest fan base. No reason to go and post saying 'their fans gain nothing from this'.
  5. Yeah that's what I said.. But I really don't want to see Elder Scrolls beat GTA. Even if I weren't a GTA fan I would still think it is a better series and glad ya voted Bronson!
  6. Hey guys! Gamespot is hosting the "Greating Gaming Series of the Decade" and GTA is (of course) in the FINAL 2! Sadly, its losing by just a tad bit. And its by Elder Scrolls.. So be a good GTA Fan and click this link and Vote Vote Vote!
  7. I mean thats understandable since i'm not the best explainer I guess lol but here check out this post on reddit. It'll answer everything.
  8. Actually it is. I mean he didn't attempt to place it like in a specific place obsviously but he's just showing that if you put RDR's map in compared to GTA V its wayyy bigger. Read my post.. lol
  9. Haha, Im sure he won't be after that. I was pretty worried about it.. then I saw that. Im so freaking ready now.
  10. Well this is awkward.. So i've been reading on the Reddit of GTA V and I found this VERY interesting post. Basically, this guy VERY accurately measured the maps of RDR, GTA SA, and GTA IV. He Concluded by saying that GTA SA is the largest of the three. Yes, its a fact. He then did a whole bunch of math which wouldn't really interest you but he did all this math using percentages along with the measurements of km I believe and then finally converting it to miles and he did ALL of this just to get an accurate reading of what a mile would be in GTA V's map. So then he posted this. Which is accurately showing how big the map is. How SA is compared to GTA V's map. Just note AGAIN that SA is the largest of all three of the maps i've mentioned. EDIT: Here is the map compared with all 3 of the maps.. oh.. my.. god.. this map is indeed going to be huge.
  11. Guys... I finally understand it.. (and yes someone said this before) but they must REALLY be undercover R* employees :OO
  12. Its confirmed that its 49 sq miles. ALSO Fitty and Dupz you guys did an.. astonishing job on the map. Like, its seriously nearly spot on. Great job good sirs
  13. Sooo I was hearing that we MAY possibly get a official show of the map previous to the launch of the game? I mean its happened for previous games so i'm like 90% sure it's gonna happen ,but what I wanna know is what day would that be?? Saturday? Sunday? Monday?