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  1. "GTA is the same thing over and over unlike COD" Good one...
  2. now we know how all those people felt when we took THEIR car (and possibly ran them over with it) oh the irony...
  3. "long time listener, first time caller" As far as DLC goes, i don't think any new protags will be added, like in gta4's TLAD and TBoGT. There's already 3 characters to keep track of and progress. With Niko there was not much to progress seeing as there was not that much customization, not much to do with cash, and no skills. So it was good to add new characters. But now with 3 protags to progress EACH separately in stats, fully custom weapons, custom cars, property, stocks, etc. it makes less sense to add even more characters. They could make a new protag on a new island, which would be cool, but very unlikely as that would basically be a new gta game lol. It's more likely there could be 3 DLCs, each containing a more in-depth story for 1 of the protags. For example, maybe 1 dlc could be about Michael before going into witness protection. Maybe a dlc about Franklin going more in depth with gangs. And Trevor, well im sure that dlc will be unpredictable and crazy haha Personally i would LOVE to see, as some have mentioned here, a Zombie dlc similar to RDR undead nightmare. Some people may think zombies are stale now, but thats only because of all the shit zombie games that flooded the market. GTA5 has a real opportunity to make one of the best open-world zombie experiences. I like to think theres a good chance of this happening, seeing as RDR undead was a big success, and R* is very good about learning from experience. if youre still reading, SORRY FOR THE LONG POST
  4. I'm not sure why they are lowering they number of stars you can get, it's hard to rate crimes like fighting or crashing all the way to massacring people or bombing an airport on a scale of 1-5... but it would be cool if they add fines for petty crimes like some of you said, which also plays into the money theme and helps with the problems being mowed down by police for petty shit. I also think they may add in something along the lines of once you escape the search area, it will take a set amount of time (depending on the wanted level) where you still have heat and can be recognized, since cops have a line of sight now maybe if you stay in it too long they recognize you, so you would have to lay low until you're heat dies down, maybe play another character for a while.