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  1. now this may sound dumb but i think ill play thru it as 1 character at a time and then i'll play it as all of them... u know cause i know i'm gonna complete this game atleast 4 times... i was recently playin' gta iv for like the 5th or 6th time... but if i play thru utilizing all 3 characters off top i'll prob do most of my free roam with franklin...
  2. I wanna say ign confirmed that that is the actor a couple days ago. isn't that the guy from scream 2???
  3. while it seems he wouldn't get along with them maybe he goes to war with them...
  4. it's easy for the narrator of the first trailor to not be the protag... and for him to maybe be the last person you kill in the game... like the main bad guy... i would really like to beable to use the younger latino/black guy...
  5. would be nice if he's the guy from all of the screen shots seein' as that's who i'm hopin' is the main protaganist... i don't want ned luke... we did that and its time for another ethnicity for the main protagonist... and of coarse they should have "one blood" in the game... it's definitely his best song...
  6. yes but if you look at this guy on the jet ski... he more resembles the ned luke character... just sayin' look at the jaw line... it's gotta be him... how ever i'm hoping that this guy is just a person that you get missions from... and we get to use the younger guy... i mean the other screen shots seem to show the guy in the red car alot more then any other... p.s. to nobody special the term "gangster" can be used to describe a mafioso... just sayin'... remember the first words from goodfellas.... "ever since i could remember, i wanted to be a gangster." -ray liotta...
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