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  1. You should choose to play with the main character or create your own character.
  2. GTA 5, my world my way.... hahahahaha, come on with it, im ready to play it now.
  3. how was everyone's thanksgiving yesterday?, mines was great because i watch my ravens beat the 49ers.
  4. Did Rockstar create true crime of New York game a few years ago?
  5. Sense GTA 5 will be in California/San Andreas, then they should have neighborhood gangs in GTA 5.
  6. I predict that GTA 5 will be released in stores july 30th.
  7. Well maybe it was just a troll i sawed in the trailer running from the cops... LOL
  8. I want to customize my own character to look like me, but with updated clothing, maybe something like pimp clothes, gangster clothes, classy suites, gold and platinum watches, and rings, and also nikes, and jordans. I would like to choose what skin color or race that i would like to give my character, something like black, white, italian, or a mix race.
  9. will grove street gang be in GTA 5 because i sawed C.J. in the trailer running from the cops?
  10. I would like call my gang on the phone for back up when i get in a turf war with another gang, and also i would like to go around in a halloween mask robbin people while everyone is going tricker treating on halloween, and also rob peoples family when they are having thanksgiving dinner or cooking on the grill in the back yard.
  11. I hope they will have a heavy snow cheat code, because i would like to go snow boarding, and change the weather to summer, spring, fall, or winter. oh, and it should be holidays on GTA5 like new years, thanksgiving, halloween, and christmas... ( GTA5 is going to rape saints row)
  12. I just saw the GTA5 trailer on youtube, and the game look so real, and the main character suppose to be a actor from a movie in the 1980's, and i actually even saw someone walking their dog on the beach on GTA5, and they even have proof that it's real.... (GTA5 is going to rape saints row) oh, and they also said GTA5 will be release around somewhere in january... (Finally)
  13. I want to be able to do donuts with my car in the snow, and i also want to make snowballs and through'em at random people. oh, and i want to be able to go sky diving...
  14. I would like to have the ability to run through peoples houses while getting chase by the police. ( just like in the movies)
  15. When i drive my car i want to be able to listen to eminem, tupac, snoop dogg, and drake, because i need music to vibe to while im on a mission.
  16. is it true that gta5 really suppose to be about an irish mob?, because if it's true i hope that it will be more gore.
  17. I think that's a cool idea axeIreq, to make a big difference in a good way in the new GTA.
  18. the cheat codes that i would like to see in gta5 is cheat codes to fly ufo's, health code, money code, and a cheat code to get the police off of you.
  19. I would like to listen to my favorite rappers on the radio and that's, nipsey hussle, lil boosie, snoop dogg, ice cube, young jeezy, and also tupac.
  20. I was talking about killing celebritys in the game just for the fun of it, and also i think the main characters might be Miguel Gonzalez, or Packie Mcreary too as well.
  21. I would like to rob and kill celebrities, and i also think that it should be different food spots because i'am tired of eating at the same food spots like burger shot, and cluckin' bell, and it should also have different nightclubs to take your date out to, and i also think that it should be more things that you can do for your girlfriend like pick your girlfriend up from work, or you can drive her to work, and also your girlfriend can go on side missions with you like rob banks, and she can be your lookout while you breaking in to someones house too as well. hmmm that's a bad girl!
  22. I think that they should bring back the burglary side missions, and also get sent on a mission to become a crooked police officer to break someone out of prison.
  23. When i buy mansions or houses i would like to design them, and i think that it should be a cheat code for your gun to have infinite ammo, so you will never have to reload, and i would like to run around the city naked getting chase by the police.