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  1. September?

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    2. BeetnikBriyan


      september is nnow in between april and may.. havnt you noobs heard?

    3. ViceMan


      "Lousy Smarch weather."

    4. ridleyeater


      Yep, September. Some honkys wanted to polish the game. Didn't this EXACT same thing happen with IV?

  2. I hope they add more options to the multiplayer free roam. I've probably spent several weeks of my life playing GTA IV free roam but always got pissed off with noobs in the helicopters, they were great fun if everyone is up for a dog fight, but when you're having a good old street battle on foot and some idiot just races for the nearest heli then proceeds to kill everyone as soon as they re-spawn that really grinds my gears. If the GTA V map is going to be so much bigger than IV's, then they need to limit the availability or range of helicopters/fighter planes, otherwise people will end up being stranded in the middle of the desert with some fool blowing them up as soon as they spawn. Being able to turn them on or off in the lobby would be better. Also instead of releasing DLC like TBOGT and TLATD, they should release extra mission packs, so for another £10 you could buy 30 or so new missions, its a quick cheap way of keeping the game interesting, you could even have player designed missions through the social club. This could also work with weapons/vehicles - cheap or even free downloadable packs with a bunch of new stuff.(the new guns added in TBOGT were great) . It would be a big move if the entire map was unlocked form the start, it always seems a bit silly to me that most of the map is unavailable for the first part of the game? especially as this is the ultimate sandbox game? let us have total freedom from the start. One thing I think they'll include is an updated 'ZIT' where you can find songs on the radio then download them to your phone and create custom playlists, also the phone should include the mission lists like in TBOGT. I just cant wait to explore the place, I want plenty of hidden easter eggs, special/rare vehicles that don't spawn everywhere once you get one, plenty of radio stations, even more cars and vehicles, it would be nice to have the 'Top Fun' vans back too!
  3. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. sleeping? seriously? WTF? why not a mission where you have to keep perfectly still for 2 hours? how about a reading mission where you have to go to the library and read the complete works of shakespear on a virtual kindle? or a stanger mission where you're cleaning shit out from under your fingernails?
  5. Viceman, that was amazing. Thats sums up listening to months of socially inept, gramatically challenged douches repeating themselves.
  6. These are all modified screen grabs from GTA4, the top one is the street Packie lives on (you can tell by the green pillar that holds up the train tracks and you can just about make out the globe fountain behind the (added in) palm trees) 5 point to who can identify the other shots!
  7. A Hawaii style chain of islands is a pretty cool idea, I always enjoyed the boats in GTA but they seemed kind of pointless - really slow and shit to control. Bring back the hovercraft from S.A add a few jetskis/windsurfers/scuba missions and it could work. There could be a good drug running storyline as well. And who doesn't miss taking a Baja on the beach and running people over?!
  8. as sad as it is, I dont think we'll hear anything until early 2012 - meaning a christmas 2012 release. Breaks my heart but knowing how long rockstar like to promote games for (GTA4, LA Noire, Max Payne 3 promo's were around for almost a year before release) they'll tease us with logo's and screen shot and shit for 6 fucking months at least.
  9. I think the friends thing in GTA4 was a good idea for a sandbox game, but in practice it didn't quite work. What would be good is instead of the friends being part of the games progression (ie you could only unlock certain missions through certain friends), they were characters you meet along the way, be it randomly on the street or through other characters, and it should be your choice to hang out with them/do favours for them/work for them, but eventually you will benefit from it. So for instance you may meet someone that works in the clothes shop and after a while he gives you cheaper clothes, eventually you can get clothes from him for free (but only from the particular shop he works in). Or you could meet a crooked cop who after a while of hanging out will sell you back your guns when you get arrested, the more you hang out the cheaper it is to buy them back - eventually you could get to the stage where you get them for free. It could work with anyone in the city - pay'n'spray (work your way up to free paintjobs), ambulance (work your way up to health packs delivered, awesome if your in a hideout), all the resteraunts & shops, ammunation (which better make a comback). This way they wouldn't interfere with the main storyline, you wouldn't feel forced into hanging out with people, it all just becomes part of the 'open world' gameplay, it woulld be your choice how far you chose to go with friends. The best part would be that once you've got to top level with all your friends you would effectively run the city!