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  1. its disheartening as were going to have to wait potentially until june to hear more info about gta...
  2. why are people so hooked on getting Cj back? new characters give a new story, cj had his time, bring on new characters, i do like game crossovers like in bogt you get to see niko now and then doing his stuff.. makes it feel like theres more than just one interesting thing happening at once. with packie at the end of bogt heading tot he airport there is a potential he could show up again. it could just be a complete play by rockstar. roll on new information from the horses mouth!
  3. we'll hear alot more once max payne is out as rockstar will move on to gta , the dis-heartening thing is they seem to wait a good few months after one game before moving on with new info on the next big game..
  4. its possible.. anythings a possibility as nothings confirmed but its there most ambitious game yet so whats more ambitious than putting a fully functioning theme park within a game, i doubt it would be called universal studios but then as they'd have to make up loads of random movies too and spoofs to actually have movie theme's in there maybe a little too ambitious? id like to think they'd have gta's vision of disney world that would be amazing. but Disney are stiffs for copywriting..
  5. i dont see a need for it in gta.. driver san fran doesnt work the flow of traffic is usually doing 70 through town if there was no spedo i wouldnt care as the flow of traffic feels fine.. but when it says 70mph its just highly unrealistic..