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  1. wow listen to this proud american giving the gamestop review. he only gave it a 9 because he was offended by the game. he refers to rockstar's genius humor as "misogynistic nastiness" actually, he sounds just like the liberal host of "pacemaker" in GTA IV EDIT: turns out the reviewer; Carolyn Petit is actually a tranny feminist who used to be a man. possibly the worst person to review a GTA game
  2. I really hope they remove that hanging on the side feature. that's just stupid
  3. theres some grove st. graffiti behind lammar's back at 0:30 (franklins trailer)
  4. usable medical marijuana dispensaries have been confirmed
  5. I think it would be nice. but instead of having the coop player being in the cutscenes and apart of the story, it could be like the lost and damned where you call up a budy during the action and he fights with you. completely optional
  6. I would really like gore in GTA V to be taken to the next level. We havn't seen anyone getting shot in the trailer or screenshots yet so we don't know how real the blood and gore will be. If you played MP3 or RDR you know that Rockstar has been making realistic bullet entry wounds (and exit wounds). But I want more. I want to be able to blow people's chests open with a mossberg and snipe heads clean off with brains flying out. I want to see the kind of blood and gore you'd find in a zombie game like L4D. Limbs should be able to be cut or blown off. I also want to be able to beat someones face with a bat until there face is a gurgling mess. What do you guys think? Would it be too controversial and traumatizing? Here are some examples of successfull gore in video games: I'm sure whatever Rockstar has in store for us will be amazing
  7. GTA V will definitely have ghettos. lets get that out of the way (we seen ghetto areas in the trailer) but I think the real question is will they resemble the ghettos from San Andreas and feature grove street families and ballas. I think the gangs from san andreas will still be in V but have no relation with the main character/characters. kind of like the spanish lords gang from GTA IV that wore yellow. they wont mess with you unless you mess with them. that being said, you would probably be able to have mass shootouts with the future ballas and grove st members. imagine the nostalgia