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  1. V needs a punk station, heres my soundtrack: Bad Realigion - Punk Rock Song NoFX - We Called it America Sex Pistols - Anarchy in The UK The Ramones Blitzkreig Bop Anti-Flag - Modern Rome Burning Nirvana - About a Girl (Live at Reading) Bouncing Souls - Kids 'n' Heroes Green Day - 409 in Your Coffeemaker Rancid - Ruby Soho The Clash - Complete Control
  2. This is just an idea and I know this would probably not happen but oh well (all place names made up )... It starts off with a few cut scenes of Tommy Vercetti after the Vice City story line ends. He gets married, has a kid (let's call him Luke) and in 2005 (random year) Vercetti, his wife (let's call her Jennifer) and their two younger kids decide to retire in Los Santos. After his parents move, Ned struggles to make money for him and his girlfriend (let's call her Olivia), and when he resorts to drug dealings. When Olivia becomes pregnant (both aged 21), he decides to re-unite with his parents in Los Santos. Scenes show the couple taking off from Vice City in a small jet and landing in Vermont Airport in the desert. You are then required to drive from the airport to the interstate via a few small desert roads and after a long drive, you reach Los Santos and your new house near Ganton where you aree greeted by Tommy and Jennifer. While Jennifer and Olivia get used to their new home, you and Tommy go out to the Pleaure Peir while you discuss the new job your Dad has gotten you, (a handy man for rapper OG Loc, which will bring mission including CJ from San Andreas). When you get back, you discover that your house has been broken into and Jennifer and Olivia both kidnapped. A lot of the story line revolves around finding the pair and at the end, getting revenge on who took them.
  3. I think they need a station devoted to punk. Not any of the blink 182 shit or sum 41, im talkkin about bands like nofx, sex pistols, anti flag, misfits ect. They wouldn't exactly charge rockstar a large amount to play them, I could imagine drivin round doin drive-by's while anarchy in the uk blasts out the radio!