Voice of CJ Confirms He Is Not In GTA 5

Posted by TreeFitty April 05, 2012 : 50 Comments : 76,182 Views

Those of you who follow us on Twitter already know this but for those that don't, Christopher Bellard aka Young MayLay aka Carl "CJ" Johnson in GTA San Andreas, confirmed on twitter that he is not in GTA 5:

Young Maylay CJ Not On GTA 5

It was rumored last May that he was working on scripts for the next GTA title. Even though we won't be hearing CJ, Bellard could still be helping Rockstar with the story, radio, or other aspects of the game - likely about gang life - but his words seem to deny that too.

To us at iGTA5.com this isn't much of a surprise as we've stated many times that the III era is done. Claude, Vercetti, and CJ have had their time. Rockstar has moved onto new characters and storylines. Although quite a few fans will be disappointed, know that Rockstar will still make a great game for all of us to enjoy no matter who the main character is or who we interact with during the game.

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  • Cjforlife (Guest) September 28, 2012
    Come on maylay come back think of how much money and how much mor fans for returning we here on this page are all of your friends you created the most influential character in all of gta history come on maylay I would not have played gta sa if it wasn't for you I will feel absolutely feel so sad that cj won't return come on maylay continue the story of cj, like maybe grove street go to Stilwater and defeat the 3rd street saints or something or maybe they side with the saints and defeat a new syndicate
  • SaAndreas4life (Guest) September 02, 2012
    i want cj in gta5! atleast feature him in some missions or something?
  • Cjforlife (Guest) September 01, 2012
    Come on, if the main character ain't cj put some side missions on for us or put him as a pedestrian or and this is my favourite one, put cj as a DLC it would be great, please rockstar if u can't do the first 2 then do the third one please please please please :'(
  • JAYROCK255 da PS3 KING (Guest) August 22, 2012
    mnee i miss cj bruhh !!! dat was da best 1 they should have maylay back as da main character at least instead of ned luke r jus have us do a mission r 2 wit CARL butt i cant im still supa excited n cant wait 4 it 2 release
  • bracki (Guest) August 20, 2012
    I miss CJ and Ganton. I think it woudn"t bee Ganton in GTA5. :(( Grove street 4 life.. :)))
  • Gta5Lover (Guest) August 09, 2012
    He said he wasnt ON!!!! gta 5!
  • TreeFitty (Guest) August 09, 2012
    It's a whole new game. This isn't a remake. The map is brand new.
  • andre (Guest) August 08, 2012
    so they going to have the map of san andreas but not have cj wowwwwwwwwwwwww
  • Greg (Guest) July 09, 2012
    Gta SA was during 1991. Gta V is probable in present day. Therefore roughly 20 years has passed since then. I doubt that CJ would sound the same(age) so I think they might cast another actor for him. Please dont bash me for saying this, this is all my opinion.
  • gta gamer (Guest) July 09, 2012
    cj is the best niko crap let cj come back i'am crying while writing this
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