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Dom is a hedge fund manager and extreme sports enthusiast. His competitive attitude serves in both respects and he loves getting more people involved with his favorite hobby: parachuting.

Protagonists: Franklin
Rewards: None

Risk Assessment

Franklin finds a dog in the Vinewood Hills. The dog seems upset by the way it barks and Franklin talks to it like Lassie. He comes to the conclusion that someone is stuck in a tree and needs help. He tells the dog to lead the way. Follow the dog down the hill. Franklin continues to talk to it. The person stuck jumped from a helicopter but had parachute issues. The dog's dialogue (through Franklin) becomes a bit philosophical yet comical. Eventually the dog stops with the tree ahead holding up the jumper. Walk over to him.

The jumper - named Dom - greets Franklin and asks for assistance getting down. Franklin compliments his trusty dog but Dom has no idea what Franklin is talking about. Franklin looks around but the dog is gone. Dom is cut loose and talks about the amazing sport of parachuting. Franklin isn't quite into crapping his pants but gets talked into giving it a shot. Follow Dom down the hill a little farther. A helicopter lowers in. Dom tells Franklin they are going to the next level and yells at his pilot Jeff about taking so long. When the helicopter lands jump in the left side. Dom gives Franklin a headset and parachute. The chopper lifts off with Dom and Jeff discussing the previous jump. You can skip the journey if you wish. Dom and Franklin go back and forth about Franklin's prior experience (none), the non-existent dog, and some insight to parachuting so Franklin knows what to do. Eventually the chopper approaches Mount Chiliad which is the target for landing. Dom rambles on while the chopper gains altitude. When it reaches 10,000 feet Dom says it's time to go. Franklin will go first.

In control, jump from the chopper and freefall back down to the ground towards the landing zone. Controls are displayed on the screen. Deploy your chute when you wish. Dom expresses the fun he is having and asks Franklin if he sees the bikes. Franklin questions what bikes but Dom says it's the next surprise. Land on the mountain and grab a bike. Wait for Dom to land and grab the other bike which will start the race. Race Dom down the mountain. The path can be narrow with large rocks on the sides and quick turns right after hills. Plus most of the ride has cliff edges along either side of the path as well. Be careful and stick with it. After getting through the top of the mountain Dom will start to call out jumps here and there. They continue down into the wooded areas. Follow the markers all the way to the finish line on a small bridge near Paleto Forest.

Whatever the outcome of the race, Dom tells Franklin to meet at the airport in the near future. He rides off. Parachuting is now available at designated locations around the map (image down this page).


  • The parachute shouldn't be too much of an issue. Aim towards the marker on your radar. Keep an eye out for the big target on the mountain and deploy your chute when necessary. You should be able to land well before Dom since he pulls his chute somewhat early.
  • Take your time during the beginning of the race. Dom will always get ahead of you. Wait until you get into the grassy areas to try and take the lead. You can pretty much stay behind Dom until the last few markers and then sprint ahead to the finish line. Even if you run off the mountain a few times (and fail the mission) you can still make gold for the objectives.
  • Before Dom lands you can shoot out the tires on the other bike without spooking him. However, after he gets on it and starts moving the tires will automatically repair. It only delays Dom a second or two.
  • You can also ride your bike down the path a little before Dom lands to get a small head start.
  • Remember to use the bunny hop when hitting jumps to get extra air time.


  • Free Faller - Fall for 7 seconds before opening the parachute.
  • Big Air - Get 2 seconds of air during the bicycle race.
  • Downhill King - Win the bicycle race against Dom.

Liquidity Risk

A short time after completing the previous mission, Dom will send Franklin a text message telling him to get to the airport. When you get there you'll find "the Dominator" sitting on a flatbed with two Blazer ATVs in front of him. Dom says what they are going to do will get him laid by some internet ladies from the Midwest. He goes on to tell Franklin to hurry but ends up trying to prove he isn't racist after a comment about his maid. Franklin doesn't care. Franklin grabs a Blazer and you are told to Follow Dom to the Cargo Plane. Do so and drive up the ramp into the rear cargo area with him. Dom says they are jumping out of the plane on the ATVs. The plane takes off and a little later it reaches a suitably stupid altitude over the Alamo Sea. Back in control, drive the ATV out of the plane. Head towards the landing zone while doing any tricks you wish (flips, barrel rolls, etc). When you start to get low, get off the ATV if you want and deploy your parachute. Otherwise stay on the ATV and swim to shore after crashing into the water.

On the ground or water, meet up with Dom at the landing zone if needed. Once again Dom is quite happy with the jump. With a little frill he tells Franklin he'll be at the top of the Maze Bank Building. Dom walks over to a Seashark and drives away from the area.


  • You shouldn't have much issue with the plane at the airport. It moves slowly down the runway but if you fall off the ATV or miss the ramp you can lose the opportunity to get in.
  • When you drive out of the plane use the left analog stick to flip the ATV forward or backward.
  • To survive a water landing don't get off the ATV. Easiest way to accomplish this is to drive straight out of the plane and start doing front flips. Do eight or more if you wish but keep the ATV flipping straight. Land in the water and swim to the target/Dom on shore. You can lose almost all of your health depending on your landing but you should survive. Note you'll end up under the water quite a bit so swim towards the surface before you lose too much oxygen. If the ATV spins during the drop it can pull you away from the target and it's possible to fail the mission for going too far away from Dom or hitting the ground.


  • Dive Bomber - Survive a water landing without opening the parachute.
  • Sky Blazer - Perform 8 flips on the Blazer.

Targeted Risk

A short time after completing the previous mission, Dom will send Franklin a text message telling him he climbed up the Maze Bank Building and Franklin should hitch a ride up. Get a helicopter or plane and get to the top of the building in Downtown LS however you can. The hospital in South LS usually has a helicopter on the lower roof area accessible via stairs or ladders. When you reach the top of the Maze Bank Building you can find Dom down the stairs standing on a pointed edge. He makes a quick speech about not playing it safe.

In control of Franklin, jump off the building and aim for the truck driving on the street below. Take your time and land on the back. Jeff is driving it. Dom will eventually land and the truck drives out to a repair shop in Hawick. When the truck stops Dom jumps off and tells Franklin to meet him at the Land Act Dam. You'll need to complete the 13 parachute jumps located around the map before continuing with this mission string.


  • Don't aim forward right away. Drop straight down and look for the truck below. Push forward a little as needed and pull your chute a little early. Diving forward will make you fall faster and cut the amount of fall time you have available. Try to get a little to the right so you'll be over the street when you pull it.
  • While floating down with the parachute line up with the street as much as possible and control your decent to the truck. Aim a little ahead depending on the truck's speed. It might stop at a traffic light for a second or two before moving on.
  • Even if you fail this mission a few times you can still make gold for the objectives.


  • Dare Devil - Fall for 8 seconds before opening the parachute.
  • Bullseye - Land perfectly on the back of the truck.

Parachute Locations

The following are parachute locations in GTA V unlocked after Franklin meets Dom. Some are just landing targets but most want you to parachute through numerous checkpoints before landing on the target. Checkpoints and landing as close as possible to the center of the target will reward you with money. Landing outside the target area will fail the jump. You can redo each jump after completing it. Completed jumps have a green checkmark. All three protagonists can complete these jumps.

Paleto Bay
  • The Decline - Take a helicopter up to Mount Chiliad and parachute through 4 checkpoints.
Raton Canyon
  • Carving the Mountain - Take a helicopter up above Mount Josiah and parachute through 7 checkpoints.
  • Falling Mouse - Leap off a hard-to-get-to peak and parachute through 2 checkpoints.
  • Runaway Train - Take a helicopter up above Mount Josiah and land on a train moving over the bridge.
  • Razor Rock Dive - Leap off a peak and parachute through 1 checkpoint right under you.
  • The Fall of the Alamo - Take a helicopter up above the Alamo Sea and parachute through 9 checkpoints.
Ron Alternates Wind Farm
  • Turbine Terror - Take a helicopter up above the area and parachute through 4 checkpoints.
Los Santos
  • Aim for the Fairway - Leap off the residential tower in Rockford Hills and land on the golf course.
  • Photo Finish - Take a helicopter up above the Vinewood Racetrack and parachute through 3 checkpoints.
  • Damned If You Don't - Take a helicopter above the Tataviam Mountains and parachute through 10 checkpoints.
  • Bank Bailout - Drive a motorcycle off the Maze Bank Building and land in a small park.
  • What Goes Up... - Leap off the Mile High Club crane and land on a truck moving through the streets.
  • Pacific Tour - Take a helicopter up above La Puerta and land on a boat moving through the channel.

Uncalculated Risk

After completing the parachute jumps and the previous mission, go to the marker at the Land Act Dam. Franklin finds the imaginary dog again. It barks at Franklin who interprets that Dom is going to kill himself. The dog runs off for Vinewood and Franklin starts heading towards Dom. Continue to him. Franklin sees Dom hanging off a fence over the dam. He has no parachute and Franklin questions what he's doing. Dom says it's safe but Franklin - and the dog - know better. Dom leaps off the dam and smashes into the shallow water below killing himself. You can now either jump off yourself (with a parachute) or take the Sanchez and drive away. If you want to jump go to the structure and out onto a platform next to it. Leap off and land somewhere on the ground below.


  • Not much to do here. Watch the cutscene and parachute down yourself.
  • Be aware that the dam isn't tall and the mountain sides are tight on both sides. Pull the parachute as soon as possible to avoid death. Also be aware that the parachute takes a second to automatically equip when you jump off. It won't be equiped prior.
  • There's a time limit for you to jump. If you don't do it quickly the mission will end.


  • Leap of Faith - Jump after Dom and survive the fall.

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  • michael (Guest) August 03, 2016
    Im on 97.75% of gta as im doing the carer checklist and i cant get doms text and i havent had it before and i dont know what to do. if i can have help please tell me
  • TreeFitty (Guest) December 10, 2015
    Dom appears after the mission "Minor Turbulence".
  • Johncenaaaaa (Guest) December 10, 2015
    How to get Dom? I can't find the Strangers and Freaks. When will I get it? How?
  • Mine1204 (Guest) November 02, 2014
    Sometimes in Targeted Risk Dom don't make I to the truck and Jeff says "The Dominator not did it" and after the stop Dom will show saying something I don't remember
  • adam (Guest) June 27, 2014
    Thank you. Must be a glitch as i left this until quite late in the game (95%) thank you for the reply though !
  • TreeFitty (Guest) June 26, 2014
    It's either a glitch or you had completed "The Hotel Assassination" just before and the notification was delayed until after completing Dom's mission. Franklin only gets the one home.
  • adam (Guest) June 26, 2014
    Hi there, i completed the last mission and rode off on the bike but in the top left corner it showed a notification that franklin had a new safehouse in vinewood hill, but there is nothing new on my map and the safehouse is still the big home. Is it maybe suppose to be doms home you gain or maybe some sort of glitch ? Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated thanks
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