Rockstar Warehouse GTA V Collection

Posted by OptimumPx July 17, 2013 : 16 Comments : 19,502 Views

The Rockstar Warehouse, home to fine Rockstar merchandise, had updated their Grand Theft Auto V Collection with some cool new items!

Official Cover Art Poster
A 22"x28" poster featuring the official cover art of Grand Theft Auto V.

Los Santos County Sheriff's Trucker Cap
"Obey and Survive" - rock this classic mesh adjustable snapback trucker hat and make 'em respect your authority.

Los Santos T-Shirt
Available in both black and white, you can now rep your LS pride in this soft 100% cotton tee emblazoned with the olde english "Los Santos" logo on its front, a GTAV logo tag at the waist and a small Rockstar logo just below the neck line on the back.

Comments (16)

  • Craiggo (Guest) July 24, 2013
    haha. "obey and survive"
  • D-Low (Guest) July 23, 2013
    this gone be dope *nuff said*
  • Randy_Backstroke (Guest) July 22, 2013
    I hope they release a sound track compilation like the one for San Andreas, im still listening to Master sounds and Bounce FM nearly 10 years on.
  • Hi (Guest) July 21, 2013
    Is gta ma15 or 18 + ???
  • igta6 (Guest) July 19, 2013
    there is a dam afterall (womp womp).
  • igta6 (Guest) July 19, 2013
    given the logo on the hat, do you think there'll be beavers in the game?
  • LordZekrom (Guest) July 19, 2013
    A hat and a T-shirt with simply a logo on it.

    I love you Rockstar, but... Don't you think a shirt with ACTUAL artwork would be nice? Like, maybe having illustrations of actual characters in the game, or how about the GENUINE BOX ART, opposed to... Just 'Los Santos' in fancy lettering? Now that would make a great T-shirt/hat I would buy.
  • bOnEs (Guest) July 19, 2013
    these are not in the collectors edition... the cover art poster was a freebie given away for gamestop pre-orders for a very limited time, and the gamestop one was two-sided, this one isn't... but the rest is new... there's no shirt in the collectors edition, and the hat is not the same either...
  • KAMI (Guest) July 19, 2013
    Is it not in the collectors edition?
  • KAMI (Guest) July 19, 2013
    Wait, the collectors edition comes with that also? Or does it replace something like the first hat?
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