Rockstar Games at Firstlook 2011

Posted by TreeFitty and ConQueSteD September 03, 2011 : 15 Comments : 10,700 Views

It's time for another weekend news blurp...

In the Netherlands this October is the popular technology event "Firstlook" [translate] which features new or upcoming games and other gadgets. Among the attendees is Rockstar Games. What are they going to show off? "Surprise, surprise":

Rockstar attending Firstlook 2011

We can only assume Rockstar will be showing off their next release, Max Payne 3, (which is listed in the game list here) and Firstlook themselves doubt a GTA announcement but it is still possible we could get some hints about Grand Theft Auto V - we know Rockstar can be quite crafty with hints...

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below and in the GTA 5 forums!

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  • Marney1 (Guest) September 30, 2011
    Rockstar won't be showing Max Payne 3 live. They'll be giving away posters and displaying some artwork.
  • bearr69 (Guest) September 17, 2011
    what i think is its gonna be gtaV announcement i mean surprise surprise sounds more like scarasm like we knew it was coming but they didnt wanna let us in on when ya know? anyways it most likely has nothing to do with max payne so thats my thought
  • fromTHEnetherlands (Guest) September 14, 2011
  • TF (Guest) September 09, 2011
    Not really. If anything it's MORE reason for them to show off Max Payne 3. Plus, we know barely anything about the game. During the coming months R* will release more and more info about it. The gameplay itself hasn't been released to the public/media yet for distribution
  • azza11 (Guest) September 08, 2011
    except rockstar has just made a max payne announcment with release details (its on gamespot) so suprise suprise wont be anything now about max payne we dont already know, to me that throws the door wide open again but hey like everyone else im only taking a best guess.
  • gta vice city 2 (Guest) September 08, 2011
    Surprise number one: Max Payne 3 details and release date
    Surprise number two: Agent details and release date
    Or it can be something about L.A. Noire on PC or GTA V. Which one of these four are we going to hear about? :D
    I can't wait.
  • Psy (Guest) September 08, 2011
    The "surprise, surprise" makes it sound interesting, but I don't think it'll be GTA 5 we'll be seeing...
  • ViceMan (Guest) September 05, 2011
    See to me that sounds very promising. I don't think that many people give a shit about Max Payne really and isn't there already a bit of info about it? I don't think any Max Payne info they release at this event will steal the show. If it is to do with GTA V then it's a very understated way of announcing it, but that's what we expect from R*.
  • tristenboyle (Guest) September 05, 2011
    I hope GtaStreet is right I'd be completely stoked if that happened. Good info TreeFitty!
  • TreeFitty (Guest) September 04, 2011
    Rockstar wouldn't tell everyone ahead of time they were going to announce a game; especially GTA V. The announcement of an announcement would be the announcement itself.

    I still doubt they will actually say anything about GTA V but I could (and hope to) be wrong.
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