Pachter: GTA V Will Sell 18m Units, Costs $80m Already

Posted by TreeFitty August 13, 2011 : 5 Comments : 10,776 Views

GTA V McReary ImportsTime for a weekend GTA 5 news blurp...

Michael Pachter, an analyst for Wedbush Securities, has been spitting out some interesting things again. This time he is reported to have said that Grand Theft Auto V will sell at least 18 million units and possibly up to 24 million - knocking Grand Theft Auto IV off the top spot. No exact timeline for these numbers but GTA IV has sold over 20 million units after 3 years. Pachter went on to say that Take-Two has probably already dumped $80 million into the unannounced game - a figure that revolves around the assumption that GTA V is well into development.

In addition to GTA V, Pachter believes Max Payne 3 will cost about $80 million and sell approximately 3 million copies. Not at the level of the GTA series but a good sell for Rockstar Games who are gearing up to market the nearly forgotten title.

What do you think? Is Pachter blowing more smoke or will he actually be right? Let us know in the comments below and sign up to add your ideas in the GTA 5 forums!

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  • TF (Guest) August 14, 2011
    Better than Pachter's mug. :P
  • Massacre (Guest) August 14, 2011
    Finally got to use that fake screenshot, eh Fitty?
  • AbdQud (Guest) August 14, 2011
    right gta v its a big game future tech things makes every single game more expensive thats why the company wants to sell over 18m units thats for sure
  • FATMANYOU2 (Guest) August 14, 2011
    That's true. Why don't they just announce this game and get on with it?
  • DuffMan (Guest) August 13, 2011
    Ah yes, Pachter. Well known for being correct about everything.

    Oh wait...

    This is the guy who predicts, amongst other things, that the next GTA will appear at E3 every single year. Pardon me while I ignore everything he says.
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