Official Playstation Website Confirms GTA 5 On PS3

Posted by Psy via Disco-Lee February 14, 2012 : 39 Comments : 41,612 Views

Update Feb 28, 2012:
As we speculated at the end of the article below, Sony have removed all of their GTA V pages. Most likely because Rockstar Games haven't officially confirmed GTA 5's release platforms and may have requested the pages are taken down. Once we hear something official from Rockstar, you'll find out here. Thanks wilsongrout for the heads up!

Original Article:
In somewhat of a shock move, the official UK Playstation website has created a page for Grand Theft Auto V, almost certainly confirming the game will be available on it's Playstation 3 console - credit to Disco-Lee for the find.

Official UK Playstation GTA 5 Web Page

While this isn't exactly surprising news - after all, we all expected the game to be launched on the PS3 anyway - the fact the official website has created a page for the game means they know for certain it's being developed for their console.

The page doesn't have any additional information about the game apart from the story specific details Rockstar mentioned in their past announcements, although some extra snippets are shown below. These details don't appear to be final and it's likely they are just there as placeholder data for now, but make of it what you will:

Media type: Blu-ray Disc
Genre: Action/Adventure
Players: 1
Network play: no network play

Now we know all PS3 games come on Blu-ray discs, so that's nothing new. GTA is an action/adventure game, again standard info. It will most likely feature a 'single' player story mode, so that could be correct but Rockstar Games have already confirmed the game will feature Multiplayer, so the network play information is already wrong. The game has also been awarded an 18 rating already, which given that it hasn't yet been rated by PEGI, doesn't seem accurate (although would be expected).

Regardless, this does pretty much confirm GTA 5 is coming to PS3 at some point. We currently have no news on the XBox 360 version, so don't start getting into a console war just yet! And TreeFitty has also pointed out this website is only available on the UK version of the Playstation website, not the US version. It's likely it was put up by mistake, but we got the screenshot above just as proof if the website is taken down again.

The game is also listed on the Australian website among others as well.

The pages have been removed.

Comments (39)

  • BakedR34p3R (Guest) March 17, 2012
    Only 92 people liked it on facebook lolol
  • Akuma (Guest) February 29, 2012
    I don't care about the new console's right now......just waiting for GTA5 :D
  • TreeFitty (Guest) February 25, 2012
    Always when we say something... haha.
  • wilsongrout (Guest) February 25, 2012
    the page has gone! We are unable to locate the page requested. If you think this is a broken link, you can report the error by visiting the Contact Us page. Otherwise, try returning to the Home Page or using Search to continue browsing
  • Psy (Guest) February 23, 2012
    Thanks 'bab'. The news is still the same I suppose though. They definitely know it's coming out for PS3.
  • PutAQuarterIn (Guest) February 23, 2012
    Walmart advertises it for Xbox360. They seem to be making an educated guess judging by the fine print reading ''Not official box art'' But they seem fairly sure they won't be eating those words
  • PutAQuarterIn (Guest) February 23, 2012
    No clue how reliable this site is...I'm guessing that their assuming but Zavvi has pre order for PS3 and Xbox 360. Personally I think it would be a stupid business move to not have it on both (as long as Xbox can even handle it) I want them to make as much $$ as possible so they can keep spending as much as they can making these games great.
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