Official GTA V Box Art

Posted by bOnEs April 02, 2013 : 50 Comments : 40,212 Views

After days of watching painters in New York City slowly map out the Box Art, Rockstar was kind enough to release the Official Box Art design.

Official GTA V Box Art
Click above for larger pic or get the largest wallpaper size here

What do you think? Get it in various sizes for your computer or mobile device at Rockstar Downloads here and join the discussions in the GTA 5 forums!!

Comments (50)

  • godzpurp (Guest) May 21, 2013
    I Think it looks sexy ass hella. makes your B**** look like precious. i dont mind waiting for this epic game. Rockstar makes some of the best games in the world. this will be no different.

    (L.A. Noire 2 please?)
  • TheBountyhunter141 (Guest) April 18, 2013
    Well fuck you bigsexybeast rockstar didnt have to make gta 5
  • Craiggo (Guest) April 15, 2013
    I lol at all the people hating. Steady as she goes, Rockstar.
  • stevenstadick (Guest) April 12, 2013
    there is more news coming very very soon get ready get excited get pump pump pump it up !!!!!
  • bOnEs (Guest) April 12, 2013
    that's why i said they're not too worried... a lot of CoD fans are also GTA fans...
  • @admin (Guest) April 12, 2013
    "not too worried about it" ?? GTA is something EVERYONE likes.. weather you like FPS or RPG games everyone likes sandbox games!! or at least gta! I like battlefield and cod, but if i only had money for one i would buy GTA 5!
  • bOnEs (Guest) April 12, 2013
    call of duty will still have it's good sales numbers, and i am looking forward to the new swashbuckling assassins creed... GTA will have some competition but i don't think they're too worried about it...
  • adamgtaday (Guest) April 12, 2013
    Is there any point in any other game coming out this year the companys wont make any money with this sexy mofo coming out lol
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