More Possible GTA 5 Characters from Casting Call, Familiar Names

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Actor Pages has posted a casting call from Rockstar's favorite casting company, Tesla. The title of this one is "Interactive Project" for motion capture and voice-overs. -Sounds like a video game, doesn't it?

  • JANE BELL (45-50 Female United States) Caucasian. 5'4" - 5'6". Ugly, lives alone. Very carefree and smooth-tongued.
  • JEFFREY (38-45 Male United States) Irish ethnicity. Tall and athletic build. Lost his money by gambling and recently started working for his stepbrother. He is a bit lunatic.
  • WILLIAM (35-40 Male United States) Jeffrey's stepbrother. Likeable and talkative. Owns a restaurant in Beverly Hills.
  • EDDIE MCREARY (45-50 Male United States) Irish ethnicity. Lives with his cousin. Smokes weed and loves partying.
  • MARCO (25-28 Male United States) Young Mexican FBI agent. Has a strong sense of humor and likes to hang with friends.

What really stands out from the characters is one very familiar family name: Eddie McReary. For those who are new to the Grand Theft Auto series or haven't enjoyed Grand Theft Auto IV, the McReary's are an Irish mob family that has been struggling to stay on top.

If that wasn't enough, another familiar name is Jane Bell. She could very well have a relation to GTA IV's Phil Bell. What's even more special about her is that she was mentioned in a previous casting call for a project named RUSH. Eddie is also listed in that one without the last name. This links that casting call to the next GTA even more, and the game itself linked more to California/San Andreas.

Possible GTA 5 Actors Wanted

So what do you think? Are we going going back back to Cali Cali or are we just being fooled? Let us know in the comments below and join the discussions in the GTA 5 forums!

Special thanks to our friends at Sector Rockstar Games for the heads up!

Comments (30)

  • TF (Guest) October 26, 2011
    That's definitely a possibility.
  • yup (Guest) October 25, 2011
    its possible that not all of these characters are for gta5. they could be auditioning for multiple parts here.
  • matt matted (Guest) August 20, 2011
    if u play tbogt then when the credits come on u can see pakie at the airport maby he was flying to los santos
  • alooper21 (Guest) July 27, 2011
    when people hope to play in san andreas once again they actually want the huge open space and the multitude of things to do. so it can be any city, be it vice or (hell, no!) liberty again, if it's gonna be HUUUGE and busy it's gonna be a succes even if the story won't live up to the epicness of those in gta3 era.
  • D-O (Guest) July 22, 2011
    in with did i miss this? lol

    Irish mob related gta.....Fuckin-a to that.
  • Mr. Bellic (Guest) July 22, 2011
    I really think this is gonna be in San Andreas and not just the lost santos area.
  • Dirty Hobo (Guest) July 21, 2011
    Cant wait til it comes out im really looking forward to it!
  • CJ (Guest) July 19, 2011
    Glad that GTA 5 is a reality. Thanks for the site, it helped out tons. Peace
  • TF (Guest) July 17, 2011
    Kate and Roman have the possiblity of dying in GTA IV depending on which ending you take. If GTA 5/V takes places after IV and uses some of the same characters, it won't use any of the ones that have a chance of dying in IV and will need to work around their exact fate (such as Packie wouldn't talk about his sister too much).
  • Roman (Guest) July 17, 2011
    @New GTA - I'm still alive?
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