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Franklin, Trevor, and Michael chase the remaining O'Neill gang into the woods and finish what Trevor started.

Rewards: None
Protagonists: Trevor, Michael, Franklin, Chop
Mission Time
Thin the Herd

Finishing business

The full mission begins with Michael and Trevor. At Trevor's trailer he is shown pouring a nice cup of gasoline while Michael leaves a voicemail for his son. Patricia is busy doing laundry but finds time to slap the cup from Trevor's hand. Trevor gets himself and Michael beers. They start discussing their conflicting lifestyles again but this time in a more civil manner. The discussion changes to Franklin who Trevor made contact with to help with something (the O'Neil problem). Michael reminds Trevor they are supposed to be laying low yet Trevor invites a known accomplice out to Blaine County. Trevor enlightens Michael that everything is about him and not Trevor's own problems. He heads out and Michael forcefully comes along. Patricia tells them not to stay out too late.

With the duo in Trevor's truck begin driving to Franklin's location. Trevor tells Michael that Franklin is following some guys. You are then SWITCHed to Franklin who is behind the O'Neils with Chop along for the ride. They spot him and you are told to chase the O'Neil brothers. Franklin calls Trevor to give their location and tells him they were probably going to fire an RPG into the Vespucci apartment before being told (by Floyd) Trevor wasn't there. Trevor tells Franklin he and Michael will grab the T.P.I. helicopter. The O'Neils take a left onto dirt roads and go into the woods. Keep following them and a cutscene will show them avoid an elk and crash down a hill. The three stumble away from the wreck.

Go down to the burning car. Franklin calls Trevor with an update to the situation. SWITCHed back to Trevor, drive to the airfield. Get in the helicopter and fly to the forest. Michael questions the O'Neil situation and why they want Trevor dead. Trevor says they stole the ultimate business contract from him. That still doesn't explain why they want him dead. Eventually Michael realizes where he has seen this helicopter before. Trevor took it as payment. There's even a sniper in the back seat Michael can use. When you reach the marker in the sky a cutscene shows Franklin on the ground waving them over.

Hunting wild O'Neil

SWITCHed to Michael, use the sniper and its thermal scope to find the O'Neil brothers scattered around the woods below. There are no blips on your radar for guidance until Michael confirms what he sees. The thermal scope will also show plenty of elk running around so you'll need to zoom in to find the humans. One of the brothers is in the river to the lower left. A second is pretty much in the middle of everything. Kill them both and the third will appear higher up on the screen. He'll fire an RPG at the helicopter. Trevor manages to get the helicopter out of the way and Michael says the brother is behind a rock.

SWITCHed back to Franklin, he lets Chop go to find the last brother. Either follow Chop or SWITCH to him and Franklin will automatically follow. When Chop finds him SWITCH back to Franklin and kill the remaining O'Neil brother. Franklin confirms the kill and Trevor says he'll swoop down to pick him up. SWITCH to Trevor and land the chopper on the dirt road in Raton Canyon. Michael questions if there are any other groups after Trevor to which he responds there are bikers, the Chinese, and Madrazo's people. When Franklin and Chop get in fly back to the airfield.

Trevor tells Michael he owns the airstrip but Michael points out that Trevor still lives in a crappy trailer. Franklin catches up with the two since he hasn't seen them in a while. Trevor thanks Franklin and Chop for their help. At Michael's request Trevor explains a little more about the O'Neil situation. He tells Michael how he killed a bunch of them and blew up their farm. Trevor had every right to wipe them out after losing the deal. After landing the chopper Franklin borrows an SUV parked there and gives Michael a ride to Trevor's place leaving Trevor alone.


  • You cannot kill the O'Neils or spin out their SUV during the chase.
  • Don't speed around the dirt roads when chasing the O'Neils. You can end up off the cliff or flipped over easily if you are not careful.
  • Getting a headshot on the brother in the river can be difficult since he changes direction quickly. You can wait until he gets onto dry land for a slightly easier shot. Although there is a mission time objective you'll need to take your time with this part for sake of accuracy.
  • Note you may see a human figure in the thermal scope not moving. If you shoot it the figure disappears. It seems to be a glitch but that doesn't stop people from claiming it's Bigfoot.
  • After Franklin releases Chop, get across the river and quickly go up the hill to the last brother. You can save a good chunk of time not waiting for Chop to flush him out.


  • Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 09:00.
  • Headshots - Kill 3 enemies with a headshot.
  • Thin the Herd - Don't kill any animals.

Paleto Score Setup < Predator > The Paleto Score

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