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Michael and Trevor combine to locate a target for the FIB. Trevor will find out what Mr. K knows while Michael goes out into the field and takes care of business.

Rewards: None
Protagonists: Michael, Trevor
Don't Stop Me now
The Tooth Hurts
It's Legal!


Both Michael and Trevor will get phone calls from Steve Haines. They need to meet at a warehouse in South Los Santos near the port. If starting with Michael you'll be able to SWITCH to Trevor who is already there giving the dumpster its name. If starting with Trevor you'll drive up to find Michael smoking a cigarette. They'll have some choice words and move inside. Steve Haines, Dave Norton, and a third unknown man are waiting. Trevor attempts to get his name but no luck. The man walks out. Haines says his name is Devin Weston and is a good friend of his. Trevor knows he has seen Dave before but Dave says they haven't met. Michael asks what they are doing and Haines brings out a bound Ferdinand Kerimov aka Mr. K.

Haines sits Mr. K down and tapes him to the chair while Dave introduces Michael and Trevor. Mr. K has information but refuses to admit it - he just does audio/video for rich people. Haines pulls out various tools from a cart and makes sure Mr. K sees them. Mr. K is a spy and Haines needs to know what Mr. K and the IAA talked about. After having a heart monitor attached Mr. K says there is a man in Rockford Hills that works at a consulate. Haines knows he there's more and tells Trevor to make him speak. Michael - given a gun case - and Dave will go to the house and take out the problem person when they figure out who it is.

Let the controversy begin

As Michael, drive to the house. During the drive Michael and Dave discuss various things. First is Haines who will be a problem but if he gets killed then Dave will be under a microscope. Michael still can't believe Trevor was brought into all of this. Dave is certain they can downplay the truth and make it seem like Michael barely escaped.

Pull up to the house. Michael says they have been filming "the Real Cunts of Suburbia" for weeks and that it can't be the right place. Dave calls Haines with the news. He wants another address. In the meantime they'll get coffee. SWITCHed to Trevor, you are told to torture Mr. K in order to find the right target. Pick a weapon from the cart and keep an eye on Mr. K's heart and health. If he is pushed too far he'll need an adrenaline shot. Grab your weapon of choice and get to work.

If you are successful Haines will ask Mr. K about Tahir Javan. Mr. K says he did his home theater at a house along Western Highway in Chumash. Haines calls Dave with the information. SWITCHed back to Michael, get in Dave's car and drive to Chumash. Dave tells Michael Haines and Trevor are getting along well. Once this thing with the IAA gets taken care of Michael will be free. Michael tells Dave needs some resolution with the Trevor situation. Dave was supposed to clean up the North Yankton job but the job itself was supposed to be clean with no casualties. Whenever Trevor brings up Brad Michael is quick to change the subject. Dave admits he has been writing to Trevor as Brad even though Brad is actually in a grave marked "Michael Townley".

When you reach the marker Michael and Dave will make their way up a hill across from the target house. Michael gets a sniper ready from the gun case and Dave calls Haines to say they need a description of the target. SWITCHed to Trevor again Haines tells him to loosen up Mr. K. Choose another weapon and get to work. With some success Mr. K will say the target is middle aged and average otherwise. SWITCHed to Michael look through the scope and scan the building looking at the various people. There isn't enough info so Dave requests a more detailed description.

SWITCHed to Trevor grab another weapon and have at it. Mr. K will say the target has a beard. Haines tells Dave. SWITCHed to Michael have another look around. Still too many fitting the description. SWITCH to Trevor and Mr. K says the target smokes. Haines wants to make sure the info is good and has Trevor do his thing anyway. Pick another weapon and have at it. After a successful torture Mr. K says the guy chain smokes Redwoods and is left handed. Haines relays the info. SWITCHed to Michael find a left-handed smoker. When you see him Michael will announce the find. Pull the trigger. Dave tells Haines it is done.

Back with Haines, he says he has a racket ball game to attend. Mr. K has outlived his usefulness and Trevor is left to decide his fate. He cuts Mr. K loose and escorts him to his truck. Trevor is taking Mr. K to the airport so drive there. Trevor tells Mr. K he is getting on a plane and flying far away. Mr. K wants to go home to his family. Trevor says he is a torture advocate and gives a nice little speech about the government and the media. When you reach the marker Trevor will open the passenger door and tell Mr. K to run. He is alone now. With a little assistance Mr. K stumbles off.


  • There is no mission time objective so take your time.
  • There is no vehicle damage objective so you can bang up Dave's car or Trevor's truck quite a bit.
  • Use all four weapons. Order doesn't matter.
  • If you only want to complete this as quickly as possible, shoot the bearded guy in the red shirt on the upper left deck. Michael will say he had a hunch and Dave will go with it.
  • The marker at the airport is on the upper roadway.


  • Don't Stop Me now - Complete without Mr K's heart stopping.
  • Electrocutioner - Electrocute Mr K.
  • The Tooth Hurts - Pull out Mr K's tooth.
  • Wrenched - Hit Mr K with the wrench.
  • It's Legal! - Use waterboarding on Mr K.

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