Kifflom T-shirt Now Available at Rockstar Warehouse

Posted by TreeFitty September 19, 2012 : 17 Comments : 34,729 Views

Those of you following us or EpsilonToday on Twitter may have seen a mention about the new Kifflom T-shirt now available at the Rockstar Warehouse. The only way to find it right now is to use the search function in Rockstar's online store or just click the previous link.

GTA 5 Kifflom T-Shirt

Quite simple, it is light blue with KIFFLOM across the front and "THE TRACT IS NOT YET WRITTEN" on the back. Do your part to spread the word of Epsilon by clicking here and join the conversations in the GTA 5 forums!

Thanks to joshknopp for the heads-up!

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  • PedestrianRiotz (Guest) September 26, 2012
    L.A. Punk is talking about a group of people who took the whole cult thing too seriously and started going a bit to far with it's like a conspiracy within a conspiracy. I call it "Conspiriception."
  • Obsidian--Knight (Guest) September 26, 2012
    Hey, {L.A.PUNK}, I only understood like 4% of what you said.
  • PedestrianRiotz (Guest) September 25, 2012
    Well yeah it's mainly based on scientology but isn't it viewed as like the illuminati also in the GTA universe? Afterall there is supposed to be a lot of conspiracy involving the group lol Celebrities, cops, judges etc are members. Someone help me out here? I'm sure it's also sort of a parody of the illuminati conspiracy
  • DUMBFUCK (Guest) September 24, 2012
    Come on ive been waitin for the tract since 2004 WHEN THE HELL ARE YOU GONNA WRITE IT!
  • TreeFitty (Guest) September 24, 2012
    Scientology is the main influence and other cults are mixed in.
  • Andrew (Guest) September 24, 2012
    It seems, or I am sure several can argue, it is a spoof of scientology. If you played San Andreas you will hear references on the WCTR, and some of the Peds talk about it during ped-to-ped conversations, or just something out loud. It is similar to scientology, and the bases of the story and characters or beliefs. Either way it is just a made up in-game religious cult to poke fun at some of the idiot beliefs some people in real life follow.
  • Whelan (Guest) September 23, 2012
    it says "Tract" not track... -_-
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