Jim Reilly Says GTA V Coming 2012

Posted by TreeFitty April 05, 2011 : 2 Comments : 11,751 Views

An interesting tweet from IGN's News Director Jim Reilly offers some hope for all you eager Grand Theft Auto V fans that we can expect GTA V to release some time in 2012 (next year)!

"With Grand Theft Auto V and BioShock Infinite coming in 2012, now's the time to buy some Take-Two stock."

Likely good advice to investors anyway with Rockstar's line up, but definitely a ray of hope that a next GTA will be coming out and not too far away either.

Jim had previously tweeted from the Game Developers Conference in early March that he "Heard some interesting things about the next Grand Theft Auto last night." That tweet was later deleted leading to more speculation of a cover-up. Of course he didn't elaborate or answer anything related to it later.

What do you think? Does Jim have inside trading knowledge? Will GTA V drop in 2012? Will the world end before it gets here? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on the GTA 5 Release Date page. Also be sure to join the fun in our brand new Grand Theft Auto 5 forums!

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  • TreeFitty (Guest) April 06, 2011
    lol maybe. :P
  • Marney1 (Guest) April 05, 2011
    That tweet hasn't been removed yet. We're all expecting GTA5 in 2012 anyway so it's not that great a surprise really, true or not.

    He didn't tweet it to anyone in particular or use # tags so it was probably just intended for his friends & followers. Can't hold his own shit by the looks of it, wants a slap on the back from his investor friends maybe?
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