GTA V Officially Open for Pre-Orders

Posted by OptimumPx November 05, 2012 : 11 Comments : 34,174 Views

The moment that many have been waiting for has now arrived: Grand Theft Auto V is now open for pre-orders everywhere! Check out the full pre-order listing here.

Not only that, but they've also released the full version of the artwork featured in last weeks game release announcement, titled Beach Weather!

Official GTA V Artwork 'Beach Weather'
Click for largest version

You can also pick it as a wallpaper from the official Rockstar site. Stay tuned for an update on the second GTA V trailer sometime in the coming week or so! You can also get this beach babe as a Social Club avatar too! GTA 5 beach weather avatar

The second trailer will be released on Wednesday, November 14th!

Comments (11)

  • GTAGreg22 (Guest) November 14, 2012
    I pre-ordered GTA V at my local Gamestop, too like everyone else is, but the funny thing about it is, I didn't do so until the 8th, not right on the 5th when pre-orders began, and I still was able to get that nice free poster. After 3 days, I was lucky I got a poster, but I think I missed out on the viewfinder thing. Oh, well, the poster is good enough for me; I have it on my bedroom wall.
  • Mike123 (Guest) November 05, 2012
    Lol at "iFruit"
  • UlanBator (Guest) November 05, 2012
    2nd trailer update. I'm tired of updates.
  • iBeNiko (Guest) November 05, 2012
    actually over the weekend gamestop was already doing pre-orders, and they gave out a viewfinder, and a poster. i got the guy holding back the rottweiler as a poster, and the del perro pier for the viewfinder, but the pre-order bonuses are limited so if you want one you should pre-order asap before they run out.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) November 05, 2012
    You are buying something that doesn't release for a while. You are claiming a copy of the game for yourself.
  • GijsjeLadida01 (Guest) November 05, 2012
    What is pre-orde please I dont know. >>> sorry my english is not goed :( ;i
  • Natureforce (Guest) November 05, 2012
    Wierd to pre order a game, were you almost know nothing about... But still awesome! ;)
  • x910 (Guest) November 05, 2012
    I thought the trailer would be released before the GI's issue release atleast....
    but I guess it'll not happen...
    So bad :( :(
  • OptimumPx (Guest) November 05, 2012
    @Stockers, no. There will probably be an update on when it'll be released, but no actual trailer this week.
  • GTAGreg22 (Guest) November 05, 2012
    Wow man! Another week or so for the 2nd trailer. This blows.
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