GTA V Achievements/Trophies Leaked

Posted by bOnEs August 17, 2013 : 14 Comments : 17,985 Views


It appears that leaked the list of available Achievements/Trophies that are attainable in Grand Theft Auto V. Multiple sources have mentioned it, but we're still awaiting confirmation from Rockstar on if it is real or not. Click the following link if you want to see them. But be warned, there are quite a few spoilers contained within those achievements.




If you don't want to see the spoilers, you might want to avoid the comments section as well. ;)

The same website had revealed achievements for Grand Theft Auto IV approximately a month prior to release back in 2008 which leads us to believe this is the real deal. But what do you think? Join the discussion on our GTAV Forums!


On August 23rd, the PlayStation side of Xbox360achievements has posted the trophies. Click above for the updated listing.

Comments (14)

  • TreeFitty (Guest) August 24, 2013
    Secret ones added too.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) August 24, 2013
    Trophies added to the list.
  • Random guy (Guest) August 20, 2013
    People I'm here to tell you that the spaceship is not a spaceship but model or a ride at a amusement park or maybe I'm wrong maybe in mount chilliad there is a UFO also I had a question what about zombtec that lab in Los santos from San Andreas
  • Andrewman447 (Guest) August 19, 2013
    People can rob you, sharks, and AWESOME
  • bullybob86 (Guest) August 18, 2013
    and spaceship parts? wonder if the jetpack will comeback too? or a wingsuit glider...
  • Someguy (Guest) August 18, 2013
    "Out of your depth" Looks like we got a jaws in gta 5
  • she;s cheating on me (Guest) August 18, 2013
    wow this shit look hard i might be on multiplayer all day when i get it
  • WoopWoop (Guest) August 18, 2013
    @bullybob86- Rally car racers need a co driver to tell them what turns and obstacles are coming their way, so I imagine that you'll have buttons with words next to them when the time comes like left, right, multiple turns- L,R,L etc and streight. I suppose you could always crash too. Hope this helped!
  • Im_yo_daddy (Guest) August 18, 2013
    it seems as if R* is trying to say that we dont need to mod gta 5 with all this stuff that they are adding would be mods in all the other gtas
  • LordSugarDaddy (Guest) August 17, 2013
    Spaceship parts... Hmm... That and other things it looks like Rockstar are going to play homage to the Myths of San Andreas
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