GTA 5 Trailer Analysis Scene-By-Scene

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So now that you've had time to pick your mouth up off the floor, let's take a detailed look at the GTA V trailer scene-by-scene:

First off the music: "Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake" by The Small Faces

The narrative:
Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather. Or the... ah, I don't know that thing. That magic. You see it in the movies. I wanted to retire from what I was doing, you know. From that, that line of work. Be a good guy for once. A family man. So, I bought a big house. Came here, put my feet up, thought I'd be a dad like all the other dads. My kids? They'd be like the kids on TV. We'd play ball and sit in the sun but... well, you know how it is.

Scene 1 - The beach

The beach

  • Sunset
  • Couple walking with dog (rottweiler?) - will we have pets or just NPCs?
  • Seagull flying (actually casts shadow on beach)
  • Lifeguard shack with waving flag, boards, equipment - Will we see GTA V's version of Baywatch?
  • Kayak - can we use it or is it a prop?
  • "Pleasure Pier"
  • Possibly a breakwater to the right

Scene 2 - Pleasure Pier

Pleasure Pier

  • "Pleasure Pier" (real life Santa Monica Pier)
  • Sign appears to have the tagline "It's totally beach'n"
  • Peds are on the actual pier itself.
  • Girl joggers checking out guy joggers and then talking about it
  • Other ped interactions
  • Different ped clothing (or lack of)
  • "Pump & Run Gymnasium" shirt
  • Security camera warning sign - will this be a reason for us to attract the law when we break it?
  • Various other signs
  • Various objects: trash can, garbage, benches, fire hydrant, etc
  • Observatory (real life Griffith Observatory) on hillside - will it be simply the "Los Santos Observatory" again?
  • Building on far left is real life Fairmont Miramar Hotel
  • Tall white building on left is real life California Bank & Trust at 100 Wilshire Blvd with 1299 Ocean Ave to the right of it (short) and 233 Wilshire Blvd is possibly the dark building behind that
  • To the right of the observatory is a building with similar features to the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica
  • On the right along the pier is the real life Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (left of pier) and Looff Hippodrome plus the restaurant building(right of pier)
  • There's a few buildings above the previous two. The little peaked roof could possibly be the bell tower of the real life El Sermon Del Monte Church at Hill and 2nd streets in Santa Monica. It could also be a take on the Shutters Hotel.

Scene 3 - Rising above palm trees

Rising above palm trees

  • Real life Venice area
  • Detailed trees
  • Traffic intersection (car interaction doesn't seem completely smooth)
  • Blue building bottom-left is real life Daddy and Sons' Pizza. Right of that is the Venice Sidewalk Market
  • Above the blue building mentioned is an actual house at 49 Westminister Ave
  • 23 Windward Ave can be seen on the right between some trees. This street is seen later in Scene 7
  • City in background (closer look later in scene 14), smoggy
  • Taller building on the left (right of the mountain) is possibly the real life Equitable Life Building in Koreatown which is known as Little Seoul in GTA V (see Scene 10).
  • Large building on the right in the foreground (as well as the one behind it and possibly a third not seen) is a part of the real life Marina City Club condos in Marina del Rey
  • Helicopter in the distance
  • On the leftside of the road (lower-left of center) there is a person standing in front of a vehicle with the hood open

Scene 4 - Golf course

Golf course

  • Peds playing golf with some waiting or watching - golf club weapon again?
  • Typical 69 humor
  • Flags waving
  • "Los Santos Golf Club" (real life Los Angeles Country Club including clubhouse in first part of scene)
  • Tallest building is real life US Bank building, in the shadow of that is the Citigroup building (both seen more later), and under that is the real life 9777 Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills
  • The tall building on the right (mostly hidden by trees) appears to be The Century in Century City
  • Building on the far right looks like the Beverly Hilton Hotel
  • Blimp top right
  • Golf cart (Caddie)

Scene 5 - Fun in the water

Fun in the water

  • Jet ski (Speedo Phile 2000)
  • Water effects
  • Lifejacket
  • Cranes and ship at docks in background
  • Helicopter on far left very early
  • Right next to the helicopter is a tower of the real life Henry Ford railroad bridge that runs next to the Terminal Island Freeway
  • Ladder going into the water from the pier behind the jetski man. Presume we can swim and climb ladders again.
  • Bridge overhead (real life Vincent Thomas Bridge)

Scene 6 - Hiking


  • Beautiful mountain scene with trees
  • This could be a number of mountain ranges and/or parks in the Los Angeles area including the Verdugo Mountains which are just North of the City of Los Angeles
  • Hikers with backpacks/hiking gear, different clothing for each
  • Two peds holding hands and "pose for picture" - NPCs have relationships, but will we?

Scene 7 - Crosswalk


  • Real life intersection of Windward and Pacific Aves in the Venice section of Los Angeles (Red Car is on Pacific)
  • Real buildings along Windward Ave going towards the water, possibly including a tatoo shop and restaurant
  • Red convertible (Similar GTA IV car features: Comet, Super GT, F620) putting top down (car seen later)
  • Driver young male and a hispanic or black, watching woman, we shall call him "Young Guy"
  • Woman crossing street, checking out red car - has detailed tattoos.
  • White SUV (Huntley?) and black SUV (Serrano) moving through intersection
  • Advertisements: Pißwasser (torn/faded) and e-Cola
  • Stores: "Fashion", "Wigs and Styling", "Movie Posters"?, "food market", "piercings" (sign) - will character customization make a return?
  • Various objects: construction barracades, trash, boxes, fire hydrant, etc

Scene 8 - Wind turbines

Wind turbines

  • Wind farm with turbines in hilly area - how far away from Los Angeles is the game going to go?
  • Main inspiration appears to be the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm with possible influences by others.
  • Off road-type vehicle driving on dirt road (same type seen better later)
  • Dust cloud behind vehicle
  • Seaplane (Skimmer?) flying around top-left

Scene 9 - Home workout

Home workout

  • Cliffhouses possibly overlooking water
  • Peds exercising together outside
  • Exercise bike - again, character customization returning?
  • Towel on railing
  • Telescope
  • Overturned chair, laptop, garbage, DJ equipment below (party night before?)
  • Other details

Scene 10 - Freeway


  • Signs for Las Puerta Freeway, Downtown/Little Seoul
  • White SUV (Landstalker) and black car (Premier)
  • Tractor trailer tanker on far left with other vehicles
  • Other vehicles in front including semi, another Premier, and Emperor?
  • Catenary for Light Rail or other train service on the left - will there be a "Brown Line" as a take on L.A.'s system?

Scene 11 - Muscle Sands

Muscle Sands

  • "Muscle Sands, Vespucci Beach, Los Santos" (real life Muscle Beach), "Pump Buddy Magazine, Plenty of issues to work out!"
  • Peds working out - again, character customization?
  • Ped with bikini top, skirt, and visor
  • Other peds walking around with different clothing
  • Rollercoaster and ferris wheel (very faint) on Pleasure Pier seen in background - are they rideable?
  • Overfilled trashcan

Scene 12 - Walking down the street

Walking down the street

  • Ped leaning on building and another walking with completely different clothing styles
  • Ped leaning begging for money or selling drugs?
  • "Going out of business sale" and ATM signs
  • Far yellow building on left is Tequi-La-La, seen later in Scene 27 (real life Whiskey A Go Go but painted yellow and black)
  • Left of that is real life Key Club
  • Far left is "Eclipse Liquor Deli" (building based on real life ~9157 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood)
  • Real life Sunset Tower in background
  • Building on right across the street is real life Standard Hotel on Sunset Boulevard.
  • Various objects: trash, dumpster, parking meter, newsstands, etc
  • Blue car (Sentinel?) and red car far behind it - are these the same cars seen elsewhere? The blue one doesn't appear to be a convertible.
  • Extreme detail for clothing texture

Scene 13 - Getting it up there

Getting it up there

  • "Join our mile high club" advertisement for building
  • STD Contractors
  • Construction
  • Real life U.S. Bank Tower

Scene 14 - What a view

What a view

  • Older caucasian male looking out at city, we shall call "Old Guy" - is this the protagonist (person we control)? Is he the one speaking? Confirmed here.
  • Many prominent Los Angeles buildings including 811 Wilshire Blvd, CitiGroup Center, 801 Tower, and even Hotel Figueroa which had massive GTA IV ads on it (look for the three colors next to the guy's chin/neck). Possibly the real life Westin Bonaventure Hotel on the far left although it looks much bigger than the real thing and possibly only has 3 outer circular sections. There also appears to be 800 Wilshire Blvd with an exaggerated roofline too.
  • Buildings under construction

Scene 15 - Picking crops

Picking crops

  • Peds (workers) picking crops on farm, likely a vineyard with blue grapes visible (appears to be based on Malibu wineries)
  • Different clothing for each worker
  • Older plane (Cropduster?) crop dusting
  • Peds react to dust cloud
  • Baskets

Scene 16 - The heist

The heist

  • Real life Rodeo Drive (street is Via Rodeo Drive) at Dayton Way. Building in background is real life Cartier store at 370 North Rodeo Drive, building with circular awnings on right is real life Breguet, and the building being robbed is the real life 262 North Rodeo Drive
  • Blue van (Burrito): "Bugstars Pest Control, Los Santos, Putting the FU in fumigate"
  • Guy with red jump suit, mask, and silenced AK-47, knocks on van - same guy driving blue car in next scene?
  • Other men in same clothing with guns exit rear of van - is guy on left driving the red car?
  • Driver of van can be seen very briefly - is HE the driver of the red car?
  • Old (c 1950) red car (Tornado?) in back-left
  • Men kick in fancy door and enter
  • Jewelry store, Fleeca sign among others on door, security camera inside top-right

Scene 17 - Driving


  • Blue car (again, Sentinel?) convertible variant of previous blue car, is driver the first pest control guy?
  • Real life Capitol Records Building in back left - will this be "Blastin' Fools Records" again?
  • Stores: "Pizza This", "Daily Globe" (real life Popeye's and International Newsstand at Hollywood and N Cahuenga Blvds)
  • White car turning at left (Lokus)
  • Walk of Fame stars on sidewalk (real life Hollywood Blvd and Vine Street)
  • Various details: Electrical boxes, trash, weeds

Scene 18 - More driving

More driving

  • Same blue car, readable "San Andreas" License Plate
  • e-Cola vending machine - will vending machines restore health again or will we need to eat/drink like in San Andreas?
  • 24-7 supermarket at bottom of real life ~6759 Hollywood Blvd
  • Right of that is real life ~6751 Hollywood Blvd
  • Real life Hollywood First National Bank Building with rental sign - will we be able to buy/rent businesses or apartments?
  • Part of real life Roosevelt Hotel in background (tall with peaked roof, little different than actual building)
  • Other cars on right, possible white Buffalo, Emperor? next to red car (Premier?)
  • Construction barricades and equipment
  • Possibly more of the Walk of Fame on the left. Appears to be stars on a dark sidewalk.

Scene 19 - The docks

The docks

  • Tractor trailer box truck "Up-n-Atom Burger, Once it pings, Eat like kings"
  • Containers ("Jetsam") and cranes on dock (LS Port)
  • Seagulls

Scene 20 - Traffic


  • Various peds in different clothing waiting along road - bus stop or immigrant workers?
  • Related to the previous, the off road-type vehicle in the first part of the scene appears to have just picked up the two people sitting in the back, and is pulling away from the curb
  • Various vehicles on left: off road vehicle, cars (white Tornado?), SUVs, pickup truck (Contender?), semi without trailer (Phantom?)
  • Two different off road vehicles, one four-door Jeep-type (Mesa Grande?) and the other is an older Land Rover type
  • Peds riding in back of off road vehicle
  • Different blue car with white car behind it, same as red car we keep seeing
  • Blue Futo coming down hill
  • "Los Santos" graffiti behind waiting peds
  • Bottom-left of the O in LOS is an old bicycle frame. There is also a tire laying against the wall.
  • The graffiti wall is actually holding up a light rail train line. You can see catenary overhead wires in the first part of the scene where it crosses over the road in the back-right.
  • Can see the base of real life 801 Tower and the "stepped" building from Scene 10 in the first part of the clip.

Scene 21 - Foreclosure


  • Delivery truck (Brute): "Postal, We aim not to lose it"
  • Guy hammering foreclosure/for sale sign into ground, sign actually moves - will properties return? will phone numbers actually be used?
  • Older car (Futo) in driveway
  • Bicycle against house
  • Garden hose across drive way
  • Open windows with curtains blowing in wind - could home invasions come into play again?
  • Various details: trash and recycling bins, garbage (actually looks placed by someone), house number (2405)- will places have unique street numbers?
  • High voltage power lines behind house. House seems to be on a large hill.

Scene 22 - Picking up chicks

Picking up chicks

  • "Ace" liquor store and grocery
  • Store seems to be in the desert or away from major cities/towns.
  • Older dark sports car (Phoenix?)
  • Peds interacting, picking up hooker?
  • Various signs and advertisements
  • Pennant flags strung around the store
  • More peds gathering in the background, right over the front of the car and under a large awning - bus stop or parking structure?

Scene 23 - Zoom!


  • Black convertible racing down bridge (real life 4th Street with possible influences of 1st Street) and through city streets
  • Driver appears to be the same guy staring out at the city in scene 14
  • Other cars on roadway (Emperor? very early)
  • "Glory Holes" store
  • The red striped building in the middle of the scene shares a few similar features to the real life Bradbury Building, but may not be directly based on it
  • Last building on the right could be based on the real life Hotel Barclay
  • The large building on the very far left is the Heron Building.
  • In the very far background, very faint, is possibly the Mile High Club skyscraper under construction.

Scene 24 - Need money

Need money

  • Homeless man with funny sign: "Need money for beer, pot and Hookers (at least I'm not bullshitting you!)"
  • Semi truck with no trailer driving behind (Phantom?, definitely newer model of it)
  • Semi truck with empty trailer farther behind
  • Freeway signs: "Del Perro Freeway", "East Los Santos"
  • Behind the bum, towards the right with the two peeked roof lines is the real life Figueroa Tower
  • Left of that, the taller building is real life City National Bank Building.
  • The short building in between the previous two has similar features to the real life Foreman & Clark Building at 701 S Hill Street, however the top center floor(s) are too short among other small things.
  • Two older cars (Emperors) on left at very end of clip

Scene 25 - Bumville


  • Under roadway
  • Various tents, boxes, garbage and other objects with homeless people
  • Two cars in background: older red convertible (Peyote?) and white SUV (Habanero)

Scene 26 - Flyby


  • Military single-engine jet aircraft flying through city (Hydra?), possibly based on F-35 with mix of others such as the Harrier II
  • Aircraft appears to be armed with missiles

Scene 27 - He's cut off

He's cut off

  • "Tequi-la-la" (again, real life Whiskey A Go Go with different color scheme)
  • Real life Key Club to the left of that and the deli seen earlier in Scene 12
  • Building in far left background is real life City National Bank at W Sunset Blvd and Doheny Road.
  • Bouncer/security pushing guy out onto sidewalk
  • Guy reacts to fall
  • "Enema" and "Pißwasser" advertisements
  • Camera warning sign
  • Yellow sport motorcycle (Vader) - the rider is wearing infamous fingerless gloves
  • Other peds walking

Scene 28 - Pumping at sunset

Pumping at sunset

  • Oil wells (Brute) pumping above roadway with various cars driving by
  • This area is possibly based on Montebello, California
  • Observatory again (middle of oil well)
  • City in background including City Hall inside-left of the oil well
  • Blimp flying around again

Scene 29 - Car chase

Car chase
Click for fullsize

  • Red car from earlier running from police car
  • Police car (Vapid Police Cruiser): "City of Los Santos, Police, Obey and Survive", San Andreas license plate, October expiration
  • Bigfoot is on the Los Santos city emblem on police car door
  • Car crash (two-door Cognoscenti?), other SUVs (Huntleys?)
  • Building on left is real life US Bank Building again, although the base is stretched out more than the real thing
  • Hotel Figueroa is in the background with the arches and past that is 1106 S. Broadway with the black sign hanging on the corner of it
  • Big "Mile High" skyscraper under construction on the right
  • You can see the catenary overhead wires for the light rail train seen earlier in scene 20 go down underground. There is also possibly a station at the extreme right edge of the screen for a few frames.
  • We can see a structure in the far background of the right (between the building under construction and the tower crane) which has similar features to the Vincent Thomas Bridge from scene 5
  • Fun Fact: Near the end of the scene on the far corner of the intersection in front of the building under contruction is a traffic light. It can be seen with red lights as the red car approaches but right as the cop car passes in front of the camera the traffic light disappears completely. Did the game glitch or did Rockstar stitch together two different shots rendered at different times?

Scene 30 - Foot chase

Foot chase

  • Black male with tattoos running from police through alley - possibly East Los Santos area
  • Police on foot (cars in background) chasing with chopper (Maverick)
  • Possible female officer in middle
  • Various details: puddle splashes, garbage around, shoes hanging on wires, blur from chopper exhaust
  • There appears to be a black dog behind the brown fence center-left, then lower-right
  • Tall buildings in background of the first clip are possibly the same ones seen in the back-left of the previous scene

Scene 31 - Fire


  • Police car on fire (note 911 logo on left and antenna on roof) in middle of freeway
  • Ambulance and another cop car behind
  • City in background with blimp again

Scene 32 - Vinewood and beyond

Vinewood and beyond

  • Vinewood sign on hillside with airplane (Shamal?) flying over
  • Airplane flies towards Los Santos with blimp again - did the plane come from another city/island?
  • Airplane deploys landing gear at very end
  • The two buildings with the purple strip lights appear to be a take on the real life California Plaza although one is actually much shorter
  • Better look at City Hall bottom-center
  • Quite possibly the Subway Terminal Building or even Millennium Biltmore Hotel on the left near the bottom of the screen.
  • Possibly the real life Westin Bonaventure Hotel again to the left of the freeway (real life Arroyo Seco Parkway). Still looks a little larger than real life.
  • Real life Sunset Tower again on far right of screen and possibly Sierra Towers (tall one) to the left of that
  • Sunset with smog/fog across city
  • Grand Theft Auto V logo
Also worth noting is that there are actual license plates that appear to be random or unique. Tires in the footage seen are made by "Atomic".

The Official Playstation Magazine UK's GTA 5 trailer analysis has also been posted. Check it out!

What else do you see? Let us know in the comments below and in the Grand Theft Auto V forums!

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  • DatDudeDavo (Guest) November 06, 2012
    With the amount of detail Rockstar put into this game i'm sure it'll be well worth the money and time spent playing.
  • Raffaele (Guest) October 15, 2012
    This is the first trailor which shows only los santos. But looking back on gta sa's 3 trailors, the first of that one also only showed los santos. The second trailor will definatly reviel to us if there is las venturas and/or san fierro, as was done in the gta sa's series of trailors. There is still hope!!!
  • Ryan (Guest) September 07, 2012
    If you look at the house with the for sale sign in front of it, then you'll notice that the window above the bike is open. Burglary Missions?
    You can't see it on this page, you'll have to find the picture on Google.
  • Nachos (Guest) August 25, 2012
    The Homeless man in Scene 24:"Need Money" looks like one of the guys in scene 16:"The Heist"
  • Brawk Cole (Guest) July 30, 2012
    In the scene 29 photo, it is pointed out there is an october expiration date. and ALL of the other GTAs were relesed in october. so could this be a hint to the game coming out October 2012? it wouldnt be ocotber 2013 cuz that would take too long
  • russianana (Guest) July 17, 2012
    i meant the dog in the chase scene, not the first one
  • russianana (Guest) July 17, 2012
    some of the things they put (literally like only 5) i can't see, like the dog and some of the buildings etc. still, on that note, i think it will be the best game of the 21st century so far :D
  • cheeseeater (Guest) July 05, 2012
    this looks like one of the best gta games yet
  • TreeFitty (Guest) June 22, 2012
    That's exactly what it is. Most if not all of the brands are parodies of real life brands.
  • Grenaderm67 (Guest) June 22, 2012
    Up-N-Atom burger reminds me of In-N-Out burger. kinda looks the same too with the colors
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