GTA 5 Officially Announced

Posted by Psy October 25, 2011 : 28 Comments : 76,201 Views

Rockstar Games have officially announced GTA 5!

On Twitter they just linked to with the hash tag #GTAV. On it is the logo shown below and details showing the trailer will be released on November 2nd, 2011!

Rockstar Official GTA 5 Reveal

GTA 5 Official Logo

GTA V trailer Countdown Clock in new article here!

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Comments (28)

  • TreeFitty (Guest) November 10, 2011
    We'll be lucky to get a tiller (can you say "best multiplayer vehicle ever"?). I wouldn't expect anything else besides that and an engine, though.
  • FFjr&nick (Guest) November 10, 2011
    For the emergency responce vehical, there should be a siren box so you can pick from a veriation of sirens to play. Also for the firehouses there should always be apartaus, and should be a variety of firetrucks sutch as, Engine, truck, rescue, brush, command, boat, and vehicular attachments sutch as trailers and... also make it company 6!!! Also BRING BACK THE BYCICLES!!!!!! and heres a few more things that should be added to gta V... Four wheelers, Airplanes, Jet Pack, Bring back the body shop!!! Thanks for reading! From Cadets J.r. and Nick... ENG CO. 6
  • O.G (Guest) November 09, 2011
    Looks beast. So getting this for my b-day! Looks like we got Fighter Jets back huh? TIME TO DIE RANDOM PEDESTRIANS!!!!!!!!
  • gta-the-bomb (Guest) November 06, 2011
    i was thinking i know its stupid but u know how the tralier shows the guy in singlet driving then the guy who looks like tommy from vice city maybe its a double game like episodes from liberty city you like how tlad & tbogt crossed over
  • CARL JOHNSON (Guest) November 05, 2011
  • Cowboy Tuff (Guest) October 31, 2011
    Think if the 'V' will mean the money in Las Vegas,
    or as Las Venturas
  • dipsy (Guest) October 26, 2011
  • GAMEAHOLIC (Guest) October 26, 2011
    WOW.....!!! Awesome, I was just waiting for it...
    It should be more like San Andreas !!! :)
  • Zbd (Guest) October 26, 2011
    GTA V!!!!!!! At last!!! Bring it on!!! Woooooooo!!!
  • Don Roberto (Guest) October 25, 2011
    Oh my good lord, buzzing don't cover it right now. Why is November 2nd so bloody far away!!!!
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