Cut Beta Trinkets Revealed

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I recently found a load of trinket models hidden in the game files unused in-game. Here's a video of most of them:


I did accidentally put 1 or two in the video that are still actually in the game. So I decided to put together a gallery of all the beta or partially missing trinkets together with thier menu icons.

75yNI6G.png 5zK9We9.png 


UD0AJ3m.png Nmie67t.png


Jz3qPOv.png 4VUvzaq.png


BAvw819.png n8PON53.png


28EfmOt.png bhSekzF.png


OQi1dKK.png kTWaGEu.png


PqDj7gz.png 0BlnEA2.png


b5kZiqK.png J1J1RZj.png


T84ucM4.png TSVDWO5.png


NvuiRCa.png mnGyGTp.png


h4XSeDI.png 4i4cTTk.png


IKfUlFv.png 4OqbAQl.png


9qIDmo6.png ZoL9X2F.png


6G0JERA.png 8LPqZJh.png


LrQmfMK.png 3ex14ci.png


TWg99hM.png lG50cKg.png


rdxXbZO.png v3UuU8W.png


ZfiWEOC.png YKxtVO9.png



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