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Chapter 5 (spoilers!)

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A lot of shit in this chapter. Splitting this up since there are a few different things between the beginning and end. If you don't completely understand the title, don't open the spoiler.




Holy fucking shit this place looks beautiful. :scared: I can't believe they put all of this land into a handful of missions. Goes way too quick. I highly doubt we'll get this place again in the story or ever in RDO (except for maybe as a game mode map, it seems fitting). Fuck it was lovely to look at.




Awesome to see that island from the leak map was actually what we thought it might be. Funny to see it got turned from an island into just a chunk of coastal land we can't see the rest of.


Home sick



A fork in the road

Not sure what this means for later. They are pretty much telling you what's going to happen but maybe it won't actually happen in this game. Although there is 2 epilogue chapters so who knows. Makes me wonder...



Discuss (whenever anyone else makes it this far)...

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