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GTA V Zombie Warfare (Halloween Day/Night and Weekend Party)

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(Check out pic above)

Xbox only

(Template to sign up for the events Copy and paste it in a reply)



Experience with Zombie games=

Experience with any custom games on GTA?=

Headset yes or no=

GTA V Zombie Warfare is a team based gamemode set into multiple deathmatch and last team standing modes. Their will be different scenarios that survivors and/or zombies will have to complete to win the game.

Some scenarios will just to be to hold off against the zombies and not get your brains eaten others you will have to try and kill certain survivors to win the game and so on. Their is no actual zombies in the game but that is why this is in the custom gamemode section. I have beta tested this gamemode 3 times now with my community and im ready to allow the public to play with us also!

We will be strictly be giving reserve spots to any one that signs up on gamemode!

The Event will Take place Halloween day---3 pm west coast--4 pm Gmt--5 pm central-- 6 pm east coast

This event will go late at night so if u just get done trick or treating or going to party then this will be ur chance for an all day event for a zombie marathon of carnage. If you have played zombies before this a great experience to try out on the best game ever.

We will also be hosting this every sunday at 3 pm west coast-4 pm gmt- 5pm central- 6 pm east coast-

If their are any other times that this event will happen i will start posting it up here.

Basic Rules---

Zombies use melee only--Cannot camp or use cars

Survivors listen to simple rule set--Some areas that our off limits and no going out of the confined area--Complete the scenarios/objectives in the said amount of time. No cars unless the scenario asks for it. Cannot pick up body armor only health

Survivors also cannot iron lung which is running for more then a minute or two u have to turn around and fight. No explosives are allowed for survivors unless the scenario calls for it. Do not go up tall ass buildings or ladders unless scenario calls for it.

(I will start putting scenarios up asap, just getting this event out before i go back to my company)

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