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Hey you! I noticed you checking out those awesome gold badges all the cool website members have. Would be nice to sit at their table during lunch, right? Well here's the scoop on how to join up and get your cool badge among other things...

What is Gold membership?

- Gold membership is a special user group given to supporters of the website or those that are lucky enough to win access through some sort of contest.

What do Gold members get?

- Access to an exclusive forum away from n00bs and the regular members.

- Lock own topics.

- Delete own topics and posts.

- Increased forum attachment space.

- Increased Reputation Points to give out.

- Increased number of name changes in a period of time.

- Increased Private Message storage and no flood control.

- Increased invites to Private Message conversations.

- Status import from Facebook or Twitter.

- Off-site hosted background image for your profile.

Will I be Gold on other awesome websites by this awesome network?

- Yes, you will become Gold at the and forums too. Any further websites that may spawn from the network will also continue your Gold membership.

Can my Gold membership be revoked?

- Yes. And without refund.

Are there refunds?

- No.

How do I become Gold?

- For a measly $15 USD* you too can be cool. Payment is through PayPal. PM me for details and after payment is made your account will be upgraded.

*Price subject to change over time.

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