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Non-Player Characters

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Hey guys, i was just watching the trailer after a while of being off the forums, and i payed special attention to the npcs in the background. from the guy putting up the for sale sign, to the hobos under the bridge, what do you think is in store for the gta5 npcs?

My theories/hopes?

- a lot ore variety in clothing

- cliques, like a bunch of friends obviously together in the bar getting drunk

- random people can start up a convo if you are in a coffee shop, or a bar, no more of the little blue guy on the map, these interactions are totally random, like real life and also you can start up a convo with anyone...

- chicks hit on you (i don't ever remember them doing this in previous games, could be wrong...)

- on the last topic, you can hit on any girl, like any, and have a possible relationship.

- street performers and little crowds could start up around the performances

- concerts! that would be cool on the boards walk

- beach partys like the one in SA when CJ steals the party van for og loc,


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