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Gilbert Gottfried (again)

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No.. That's no argument .... so maybe Gottfried is in for stand up comedy and well-known actors for voice acts.

First part was complete shit, I don't see how thats "no argument" when Sam Houser said it himself, they prefer not to use well-known voice talent. I guess for your simple minded brain that translate to "They don't use well-known talent" He said they prefer not he didn't say they don't their is a huge difference. Obviously there is going to be well known singers on the radio station some of the people doing talk-shows in GTA have been around since GTA III.

As for Gilbert Gottfried to be a comedian in the game he'd have to be a comedian he hasn't done stand-up for a while that I'm aware of I've only seen him mostly Voice-acting, except for the Tsunami jokes that was some good shit.

I never doubted anything houser said, i just replied to this post:

>> thats what i said at the end. R* wont use big name actors anymore so they have more money on the game itself. <<

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