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Found 1 result

  1. ---That's CAPTAIN Damn Dirty Ape to you!--- TUE DEC 19 - 11PM (GMT) / 6PM (EST) / 3PM (PST) --- Join us this Tuesday for iGTA Crew Night! #shenanigans, crew-created jobs, photo ops, streaming, etc... Join when you can, stay as long as you like, and please post your pics and videos here for all to enjoy! Crew nights are always more hilarious from multiple viewpoints, so show and tell your side of the story! If you created a new job, post a link here so the playlist DJs can bookmark it, or in the PSN group chat. Photos are occasionally featured at @iGrandTheftAuto. Please tag your crew content with #igta! --- Theme: This week, we're doing a new variation of the hat-mask glitch: dress your monkey, eagle, bear, pug, fox, cat, owl or hoo-ever as a daring aviator of the skies! Between hangars, facilities, the Avenger, the jetpack - and even a flying car - there are lots of new ways to get around Los Santos without ever touching the ground. Pro-tip (just the tip): The telescope method works to glitch a hat onto your animal mask. HOWEVER, it will only work with the newer pilot helmets, ones with goggles and upward on the menu list. The annual Festive Surprise comes to Los Santos on Dec. 19 too, so dress your Altitude Animal warmly! As a countdown to the snow, there are daily free gifts in GTAOnline all weekend: Free clothing and weapon unlocks each day between Dec. 15-18. Bonus activities: Step 1: Treasure hunting for the golden Double-Action Revolver. Step 2: Headshot Challenge (50 kills, works on NPCs/cops) Step 3: Win $250K in GTAO and unlock the pistol in Red Dead Redemption 2! Doomsday Heists are also available - catch up with crew mates this weekend, or hook up to heist after our playlists are all done! See you on Tuesday! --- * Join the iGTA community here to be eligible for an invitation to the Social Club Crew. * Add crew staff on the Playstation Network to get invited to GTAO lobbies. PSN Names are underneath our forum avatars, along with Social Club, Twitter, etc. * Join anytime, the earlier the better. We start in a crew lobby, join via friends list or party chat. If you can't get in, ask for an invite, sometimes we end up in an invite-only after jobs. We round everyone up and send out fresh invites after each playlist. * If there's an "EVENT THEME", please dress appropriately. * NO CREW KILLING, unless #shenanigans happen or agreed upon. You're not in a public lobby, so save it for when you are. * NO DIRTY RACING! A number of our jobs have specific rules, so pay attention, read the description, and listen to the creator's instructions. * NO BULLET-PROOF HELMETS, SNACKS or GOING OFF-RADAR during competitive play. For GTA races, use pickups only (rockets, boost), no thrown explosives. * Don't ruin photo or video setups. No getting a 4-star wanted level when someone's staging a shot. Just don't. --- Upcoming Events: December 26 - Festive Surprise - chilling in Snowy Los Santos wearing blinky PJs January 2 - BMX Night January 9 - No Theme January 16 - Mystery Theme (oooOOOooo) (Events Subject to Change depending on crew input or when Rockstar releases new DLC) Themes: All About Dat Vehicle Apocalypse Night, MC Night, Drift Night, Stunt Night, Off-Road, BMX Night, Lowriders, Rally Car, Supercars, Crotch Rockets, Motocross, Military Night, Muscle Cars, Classic Cars Show & Shine, Utility, Truckers All About Dat Outfit Crew Blue Night, 80s Night, Vinewood Night, FIB Night, Rock & Roll Night (KISS), Dapper Animals, Underpants Party, Bums, Toga, Cowboys, Pirates, Ninjas, GTA Characters, Rockabilly Night, Business Night, Wrestling/Fight Night, Purge Night, Steampunk Other theme suggestions are welcome!