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Found 1 result

  1. Did you grow up in the late 80's early 90's? Were you a fan of films like Bill & Ted, or Back to the Future? Did you grow up playing 8bit and 16bit games? Well this is the game for you! I poked my head into PSN last night and noticed RCR on PSN. I looked at some gameplay a while back and thought GTA (1 era) instantly. So i downloaded it, without hesitation. When i turned the game on i was greeted by an old fashioned TV screen within my TV screen, with some familiar icons around the sides. In options i was able to change the skin surrounding the TV to best suit my nostalgic trip! Straight to the point - The game is essentially based on all the best pop-cult moments of the late 80's early 90's (Mastersystem, NES etc). That includes games such as; GTA, Mario, and many more, which i'll leave for you to smile at if you decide to play this game. Even Film & TV play a huge influence over scenarios in this game, and every mission, leaves a smile on your face, and a bit of nostalgia on the side. I've not completed the game yet, but so far it's a quick paced action packed game, with plenty of side missions to keep you busy, including taxi driving, hidden packages, and even casino min-games. The game is an arcade game developed in the exact same way as the NES era. So expect a replayable story at the core, with friends high scores to beat. Along with Story mode, you have a freeroam mode, and a few challenges in arcade challenge mode. There is lots of customisation within the game, including how your character looks, with loads of shops in the city to buy stuff in. The audio is brilliant. The music, and the sound effects, all in 8-bit. You'll be thrust back to the late 80's early 90's with the music alone. Outstanding sound imo... Overall i'm totally shocked by this little gem hidden away on the PSStore, it's totally worth your £9 and as it's all 8bit, the file download it no more than 30mb < LOL Story 9/10 Gameplay 9/10 Graphics 10/10 Audio 10/10 Overall 9/10 Although only a small Indy title, it's very polished and very fun. Also, if you're a PS3 & Vita owner, you get a crossbuy and cross save function, meaning you only buy the game once, and you're able to save to PSN cloud and load up from where you left off whilst out and about.