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  1. In my opinion GTA San Andreas is the best game i've ever played. It was complete, it had everything for anybody. The only thing that needed improving was graphics. It had a storyline, side missions, gambling, properties, games, and more. The most important thing it had was unrealistic and easy for newbs driving! For me this is the most important thing that rockstar need to bring back and without it rockstar will missout on tens of thousands of sales. The beauty of GTA SA was that anyone could play, and anyone could freeroam without issue and have a wild time. GTA 4 ruined this IMO with the realistic driving. The amount of people i hear complaining that they couldn't play GTA 4 because ofthe driving is ridiculous. Who wants realism in the worlds most unrealistic game! All i want is the game to be easy to free roam in, the missions can be as difficult as you like but they game should not be rendered unplayable to the less skilled.