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  1. Personally, i liked the realism in gta 4, but not all the depression. One of the things i didn't really like in gta 4, is all the activities. The activities just got old after a short while. They need more things to do after the story is complete. I like the rumors i hear about rock climbing and all that awesome stuff. I know Rockstar Games is known for their third person stuff, but i actually would like to have GTA 5 to have the option to be in first person. These are just my opinions. I also think all the experience they now have with red dead redemption, and max payne 3, and even Mafia 2, that this game will be amazing. Yeah true , perhaps a plane tour maybe, or if the maps really big if you could get a plane from one end of the map to the other, say hop onto a plane, choose destination, and either take in the views on your journey or skip just like the taxi's in IV.. that is a great idea.