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  1. GTA 5 was due october TAHTS WAHT THE CV SAID but a week later it was REMOVED BECASUE OF THE BIO SHOCK OCTOBER REALEASE ROCKSTARS CANT REALEASE 2 GAMES AT ONCE but the good thing is that GTA 5 might be realeased in sept atleast its this year
  2. yes its true GTA was going to come out about MAY but max payne 3 delayed GTA 5 thats why it was comeing out in october most people were happy but then BIO SHOCK infinity registered there game on october and rockstars cant release 2 games at once because the one game is popular than the other so no one would buy BIO shock so taht means rockstars would lose money now GTA 5 is comeing out in sept atleast we hope
  3. I was wondering how many city's are the going to be I know LA is going to be the biggest map ever but its going to get boring just flying and driving about LA How many city's you think there's going to be?