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  1. loving all the snaps and videos from everyone apparently I used all my likes for the day =) im alittle late but here are my snaps and video. I kept the video short and sweet really the only job I used was dios park because the bike helmets just fucked everything up lol hope yall enjoy





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  2. Awesome video, Casey, it has a really nice smooth flow to it.

    Awesome video, Casey, it has a really nice smooth flow to it.

    Awe thanks Gtagrl. After I uploaded it I realized I never went back and fixed the beginning where you have that black screen for a few seconds. Granny was mesmerized by all the new Valentine goodies lol

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  3. Yeah,caseys stream is pretty kickass lol was cool when I got booted the first time and was able to watch the first playlist.I wanna learn how to grow mine cause for now I just do it for anyone who wants to see what we're doing.

    I think to grow might mean getting a twitter and I'm conflicted about that..lol

    BOOBS HELP!!! lmao


    sad but true, the other night I showed NO cleavage and got only like 7 views and 2 followers...last night I had over 40 views and about 30 new followers! its the boobs

    im doing a viewer night tonight for only 10 people and was thinking about using some of yalls jobs for the playlist. With rules being no down votes or you will get kicked out type thing. Yall have any suggestions on which ones to use?

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