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  1. ALL AMERICAN MUSCLE & OFF ROAD MEET ===================================================== Host: Finishermove69 CO-Host: BUCKCOMM4NDER30 Security: BUCKCOMM4NDER30,(Need more security staff) ===================================================== Rules: 1. No killing 2. If someone has a bounty leave them alone 3. No money whores( No going after money trucks) 4.No whining 5.If you time out msg me on xbox and I'll get you back in 6. YOU MUST HAVE A MIC 7.MUST BE IN PASSIVE MODE OR YOU WILL BE KICKED! 8.Don't piss me off or the hosts & Security ===================================================== Restrictions: NO Helicopters, No planes, & No Supers AT ALL! ============================================== In this meet, you can bring your Trucks,bikes,muscle cars and either drag or just go offroading. Just send me a message for an invite and you'll get one. Just please don't be jerks and blow people up. And if you hit someone you hit them( if you're off-roading) there's no need to kill them for it. If you're also a good spot and you get on my good side, you'll get a automatic invite to every single car meet I host. If you tick me off your car will be a burnt crisp.