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  1. Know you freedom ? Thanks for your answers, i just see you have a problem when people go where you don't want to go ! I never say i am GOD ! I just explain what we think, if you are ok with, sign the petition, if you are not ok, don't comment ! Don't worry, i don't stay here more time ! Tschuss !
  2. AUstralian seriou ? Damned ! I always ear australian have good mind, and like freedom...May be is not real ! All opinion is ok, but i think Rockstar know what is the problem, we just try to help all players ! GTA is the best game at this time, we don't whant they become a fucking tyranny ! thanks for the followers of : *snip* For all and the other, have a good game !
  3. Wow ! I am chocked by all your answers...Ok, it is not the good public here, americans are ! I don't understand why you are like that ! It is just a petition for snip the Rockstar devlopers because in this game, if you jut like to run, drive, or trip, you must work for have pleasure ! If you are ok whith what i say, see this link, i have try to make a copy in english for all, but i see i have losse my time ... *snip* Thanks for the followers, and sorry for all people who don't like that ! I don't want to make you hungry ! Have a good games !
  4. I mean american people like to have banana in her .... Ok for it ! We start by france and at this time more than 200 pepole like it ! We are GTA players, and we don't want this game become a bullshit !! Thanks to helps us here, may be you don't like GTA !
  5. I am censured by TreeFitty ! help us in our petition for change how the online finance work ! *snip* We don't want to work for play ! It is not the good idea for GTA ! It is always a game with freedom, but now if you want to play, you need to pay, or work for money ! STOP HOLD UP FUN! Thanks for your help ! Share the link for help us. Stop spamming your link. It's their game...they can run it however they like. -OPx