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  1. Thank you all for your feedback, it's greatly appreciated. And to TreeFitty, I agree. But with that said, they spent a lot of time on a small area of North Yankton, therefore making me wonder whether or not they'd produce something of similar quality down the line, or if it would literally just be the areas we've already seen. Regardless, if any of this idea were to pan out, it would take them months to achieve.
  2. I understand how small it is, but I'm sure they could easily expand on it. And regardless, being a DLC, it isn't expected to match the glory of the original map, it would simply be nice to have a few (maybe 15-20) more missions to do, and maybe a few more events, like ice skating or skiing. It has it's own potential, I don't actually see Rockstar going out of their way for that, but I figured it'd be good to mention ^^ Thanks for the feedback. And a random footnote, the way you type reminds me of my teacher, Mr. Adam Spurgat.
  3. Airline Travel to North Yankton and Back... ...Regularly. I think it would be a great idea to add a DLC in the future that allows (paid) travel to a select part of North Yankton, for extra Strangers & Freaks missions - or, for an even more immersive experience, to use as Michael & Trevor's "flashback" missions, where you do all of the heists that they handled when they first started out up in that snowy North Dakota-like area. It would present an entire new terrain and would continue the story on (while actually rewinding the story, if you think about it). And in doing so, we could get a more in-depth understanding of Brad, and why Trevor was so upset about his supposed incarceration, while he wasn't upset about the other heist member's deaths. The idea would be set up like so: 1.) Either you can walk up to the airport at a (obviously new) "travel" blip on the map, and it gives you the choice to fly to North Yankton (and vice versa) for a set price, which allows a cinematic of you getting onto a passenger jet, the jet's departure, arriving in North Yankton hours later, and then appearing outside front of the North Yankton airport, or 2.) You use one of your purchased aircraft in Los Santos/Blaine County to fly in a particular direction on the map for a certain distance until it prompts you something along the lines of "Are you sure you want to fly to North Yankton?" (assuming San Andreas = California, and North Yankton = North Dakota, you would fly Northeast on the map), and then upon accepting the prompt, the game loads North Yankton as it would the normal game, over a black screen, and when the screen fades back, you are flying into the North Yankton airport (at which point you would successfully land the plane yourself and put it temporarily in a hangar, probably also paid, and continue on foot, or by vehicle to your destination) The DLC's title could be something like Nostalgia, or Old Wounds. And also consider new, North Yankton exclusive vehicles and upgrades, like snow plows and special tires that all have actual physical effect (i.e. snow plow can actually remove snow from roads, which regularly accumulates over time), and other events that are exclusive to the DLC. Just a note, visiting the Airport or flying in a more Eastern direction could also prompt you with "Are you sure you want to fly to Liberty City?", at which point, if accepted, you'd be asked to enter the disk for GTA IV. You would appear in the front of Francis International Airport regardless of if you were flying the plane or not, as GTA IV does not support interactive planes. What do you all think? This would mean some extra work on Rockstar's part to add an actual North Yankton airport, but I'm sure they would be up to the task if it meant more money in their pockets and a bigger, more immersed audience. If you'd like to ask me any personal questions about the idea, email me at [email protected]. Name's Cameron M. Wethly.