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  1. any gta and i have to agree with the serious answer fyi i was fightin 4 dat point to oh yea i thought that i clicked gtav
  2. hey me and a few m8s wer wonderin if u shud have the choice to be a girl in gta or shud rockstar stick to what they know and just always make you be male. also should you be able to buy houses and have pets.
  3. thanks but u do realise that i put this up to get more members 4d gang
  4. most biker gang logos are like that tnx 4 all the advice guys
  5. hey i know that some people didnt like the old 1 so i made this
  6. thats fine but 4 d peeps who said its a shitty logo ill send you all the logos we make and c wat u think
  7. were redesigning our logo thats the old 1 and there are lots of other gangs on gta for example the highway reapers mc also we already have over 17 members so there is quite a big interest
  8. Hi i cudnt remember my password to my old account but anyway i would like to notify that the biker gang that i started up in gta4 was very successful but i would like to notify that any members must add the new president of the hells guard mc on psn @ Beelzibub_666 i know that marney has not yet added him so if you still want to be a part of this organisation then i suggest that you add him as soon as possible also if there is any1 who wishes to join please add him as well thank you.